April 01, 2018

TIPS Liberty Achievement Award

The TIPS Liberty Achievement Award, sponsored by Thomson Reuters, was established to recognize attorneys and judges who take leadership roles in promoting diversity in the profession of law. Attorneys or judges who have demonstrated, by choices made in their careers and work done in private and/or public sector positions, that they have actively promoted diversity. This would include their own career, leadership positions or work done to advance diverse attorneys in the profession. Other considerations include significant substantive legal work in areas of diversity as well as community service and/or pro bono work in diversity.

Previous Award Recipients:


2019 - Hon. Lourdes Ventura

2018 - Kathleen Dillon Narko

2017 - Judge Lorna G. Schofield

2016 - Wendy C. Shiba

2015 - Judge Timothy C. Evans

2014 - Dean Okianer C. Dark

2013 - Steven R. Shapiro
New York, New York

2012 - Sandra S. Yamate
Chicago, Illinois

2011 - Dennis W. Archer
Amelia Island, Florida

2010 - Sandra R. McCandless
San Francisco, California

2009 - Judge Shelvin Louise Marie Hall
Chicago, Illinois

2008 - Judge Matthew J. Perry
Hilton Head, SC

Judge Bernice Donald and Catherine Christain
New York, New York