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Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Award

The Animal Law Committee's annual "Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Award" recognizes exceptional work by an Animal Law Committee member who, through commitment and leadership, has advanced the humane treatment of animals through the law. Although the Awards Subcommittee members will consider all facts presented about the nominee, they are especially interested in the nominee's activities during the prior three years. Nominees and nominators must be members of the Animal Law Committee. Travel expenses for the winning nominee to the award reception are not included. The annual nomination deadline is March 1.

The criteria to be considered in evaluating the nominee include:

  • Excellence in Advancing the Practice of Animal Law, and/or
  • Excellence in Legislation Promoting the Interests of Animals, and/or
  • Excellence in Publication on Animal Law, and/or
  • Excellence in the Formation or Presentation of a Continuing Legal Education program on Animal Law, and/or
  • Excellence as a Leader of the ABA TIPS Animal Law Committee.

See the newsletter articles below for details on prior recipients.

2024 Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Recipient, Barbara J. Gislason

(2nd from left) Barbara J. Gislason

(2nd from left) Barbara J. Gislason


Barbara J. Gislason- 2024 ALC Award Recipient
Jane E. McBride - 2023 ALC Award Recipient
Chris Green - 2022 ALC Award Recipient
Daina Bray – April 2021, Virtual
James F. Gesualdi - 2019 ALC Award Recipient
Yolanda Eisenstein - 2018 ALC Award Recipient
Julie Fershtman - 2017 ALC Award Recipient
Fred Kray - 2016 ALC Award Recipient
Bruce Wagman – 2015 ALC Award Recipient
Ledy Van Kavage – 2014 ALC Award Recipient
Joan Schaffner – 2013 ALC Award Recipient
Adam Karp – 2012 ALC Award Recipient
Rebecca Huss – 2011 ALC Award Recipient
David Favre – 2010 ALC Award Recipient
Joyce Tischler – 2009 ALC Award Recipient
Raj Panjwani – 2008 ALC Award Recipient
Jane Hoffman – Inaugural ALC Award Recipient