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About Us

Welcome to the ABA Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (TIPS)—the source of knowledge and leadership on trial practice and critical issues of justice that involve tort and insurance law. There are numerous benefits of TIPS membership. We invite you to explore these resources and join the TIPS family today.

About Us

TIPS is unique within the ABA and the legal community because of our focus on balance and diversity, bringing together plaintiffs, defense, corporate and in-house counsel to tackle issues confronting our profession. But what really makes TIPS unique are the people. The colleagues you will meet and with whom you will interact will, in many instances, become life-long friends and resources for your professional endeavors. TIPS enriches the tort, trial and insurance fields of law through CLE programs, comprehensive periodicals, cutting-edge publications, and innovative online resources.


The Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section was formed in 1933 with 1,650 members. It was known as the Section of Insurance Law for 24 years until 1957 when the House of Delegates approved a name change to the Section of Insurance, Negligence and Compensation Law. From 1979 through 2002, it was known as the Tort and Insurance Practice Section (sometimes referred to as TIPS). In August 2003, TIPS’ name changed to the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section — the Section has, however, retained its original acronym of TIPS.


Each year, TIPS honors its members by presenting them with a variety of awards including the following: Andrew C . Hecker Memorial Award; Edmund S. Muskie Pro Bono Service award’ Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Award; Kirsten Christophe Memorial Award for Excellence in Trial and Insurance Law, Liberty Achievement Award; Pursuit of Justice Award; and the Robert B. McKay Law Professor Award.