April 10, 2019

TIPS Leadership Portal


The Leadership Portal Website is designed to serve as a reference tool for ABA TIPS Leadership.

Nuts and Bolts Notebook


Helpful Reference Tools

Clearview Social Overview

How to Leverage Social Media For Your TIPS Committee and Yourself | June 24, 2020 (Webinar)

COVID-19: Furloughs, Work Share, Layoffs, PPP -  What to do and How to do it (Webinar)

Tort, Trial & Insurance Practice Section By-Laws

ABA Connect Committee Page Webinar

Welcome to TIPS Connect

ABA Business Conduct Standards

TIPS Resolution Concerning Discriminatory Clubs

TIPS Long Range Strategic Plan 

Orientation Webinar I: Role of Scope Liaison, How TIPS Works, and Intro to TIPS Staff

Orientation Webinar I - Audio Recording (downloadable)

Orientation Webinar I PowerPoint Presentation

Membership Tools

How to Join TIPS

Membership Presentation - Importance of Publishing Newsletters

Membership Vice Chair Training Sessions

CLE Proposal Form  

Diversity Resources

Diversity Plan

Diversity Toolkit

DEI Training

Historical Examination of Racial Equity, Part I, February 10, 2021  Passcode: 2b9O5+3. 

Historical Examination of Racial Equity, Part II, Feb 24, 2021 Passcode: 3Wz89W@A 
Historical Examination of Racial Equity, Part III, Mar 10, 2021 Passcode: 9.S?dv5Z 


TIPS Leadership Directory

2020-21 Leadership Directory

2019-20 Leadership Directory

2018-19 Leadership Directory

Information for Chairs and Chairs-Elect

General Committee Fall Orientation Webinar (Video)

General Committee Spring Orientation Webinar (Video)

General Committee Spring Orientation Handout

General Committee Spring Orientation PowerPoint

Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Form

Chair-Elect Calendar and Responsibilities

Chair Calendar and Responsibilities

Criteria for a Successful Committee

TIPS General Committee Strategic Planning Materials 

TIPS General Committee Records

Membership Involvement Awards

Section Sponsorship

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Form A - General Committees – Due December 15, 2020

Form B - General Committees – Due February 15, 2021

Form C - General Committees – Due May 15, 2021

TIPS General Committee Worksheet

Newsletter Transmittal Form