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Virtual Settlement Week

Volunteer for the Fall 2023 Virtual Settlement Week

The Tax Section and the IRS partnered again to host a fourth joint Virtual Settlement Week from November 7th-9th, 2023. The deadline to sign up for the Fall Virtual Settlement Week is October 27, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET.

Virtual Settlement Week Orientation

In July 2023, the Tax Section held an orientation for Virtual Settlement Week volunteers. The orientation is full of useful information about the volunteer process and what to expect. View the recording below.

What is Virtual Settlement Week?

The goal of Virtual Settlement Week is to serve taxpayers in geographic areas where it might be difficult to access pro bono representation and generally to increase pro bono representation and settle cases before trial whenever possible. Attorneys are paired with taxpayers irrespective of geography and meet virtually with the IRS attorney assigned to the case. Volunteers are encouraged to contact their assigned taxpayer prior to the settlement meeting to prepare documents and learn more about the case.

Another goal of the Virtual Settlement Week initiative is to provide hands on training for Tax Section members interested in taking on pro bono matters. Attorneys new to pro bono work or representation of individuals in controversy matters are assigned a more experienced partner volunteer to learn from during the course of assisting the taxpayer. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who would like to take cases from a local LITC or through Calendar Call, but feels like they could benefit from some mentorship.

At the inaugural Virtual Settlement Week, nearly eighty volunteers helped nearly sixty taxpayers settle, advance or better understand their cases before the IRS. The feedback from all parties was overwhelmingly positive and the IRS and Tax Section are thrilled to continue this initiative three times per year in the fall, spring and summer.

We would like to extend a hearty thank you to all of our Virtual Settlement Week volunteers.

Please reach out to Meg Newman ([email protected]) Counsel for the Tax Section, with any questions and stay tuned for information about how to sign up for future Virtual Settlement Week events