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Resources on the Expanded and Advance Child Tax Credit

CTC Outreach Resources

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) has also developed resources that organizations can use to support Child Tax Credit outreach efforts including FAQs, guides to the IRS Non-filer form and Child Tax Credit Update Portal, an outreach toolkit with messaging, outreach materials, social media posts, and templates (press release, call and text scripts, newsletter, radio psa, and media pitch), and a separate toolkit that highlights immigrant eligibility for the Child Tax Credit and EIPs that is translated into five languages. These resources are available through CBPP’s Get it Back campaign, which has promoted refundable tax credits and free tax filing assistance for more than 30 years.  

CTC Outreach Webinars

In this webinar from CBPP, you will hear from local communities’ about their strategies for conducting outreach and providing hands-on assistance to ensure all eligible children receive the CTC. You’ll also learn about new materials that you can use to support your efforts. (Training) All Hands on Deck: Local Strategies for Reaching All Families Eligible for the CTC – Get It Back (

 Join the NYIC and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to learn about the Child Tax Credit, who qualifies, how to address common concerns from immigrant families, and where to refer individuals for support. We will also introduce the role of CTC navigators and how you can be trained to provide direct support to community members on accessing the credit.(Training) How to best serve and connect immigrants to the Child Tax Credit – Get It Back (

The Future of the Expanded and Advance Child Tax Credit 

This September 14, 2021 panel explores the challenges legislators and the IRS will face in structuring and implementing an expansion of the advance child tax credit (“AdvCTC”) including:
• Determining CTC eligibility;
• Reconciliation of the CTC during filing season; and
• Adjudication of the CTC when multiple people claim the same child.


  • Scott M. Levine, Partner, Jones Day


  • Jacob Goldin, Associate Professor of Law, Stanford University Law School
  • Elaine Maag, Principal Research Associate, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
  • Nina Olson, Executive Director, Center for Taxpayer Rights

CTC Assistance Webinars

Navigators are trusted, community-based guides that help marginalized people get their payments. They can answer questions, help people fill out the non-filer form, provide space and technology, or help address other barriers. This training, co-hosted by CBPP and Code for America, will help you become a CTC navigator for your community. We cover what resources are available, what support you can provide, and take you step by step through the Non-filer Portal and CTC UP Portal. (Training) Becoming a CTC Navigator and Non-filer & CTC Update Portals Walk-through – Get It Back (

More CTC Navigator Resources

This site is being constantly updated with new resources regarding the role of “Navigator” helping taxpayers access the advance CTC. Navigator Resources (

Analysis Around the CTC

CBPP has just issued a new analysis on the roughly 4 million or more children in families who are eligible for the Child Tax Credit but who must submit their information to the IRS to get their money. The paper identifies groups to prioritize for outreach, includes state by state numbers, and offers suggestions for steps that states as well as community service providers can take to help vulnerable families claim the substantial Child Tax Credit payment (up to $,3,600 per child). Many families may also be eligible for three previous Economic Impact Payments (totaling $3,200 for adults and $2,500 per child).

Comments on the Advanced CTC Implementation

The Tax Section submitted comments on June 4, 2021 on the implementation of the CTC and is looking at longer term proposals for advanced CTC distribution into the future as well.