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Assist Elderly Taxpayers

The Section is concerned with ensuring the needs of special populations of taxpayers are met. Taxpayers who are advancing in age may have distinct tax considerations from other taxpayers. As such, we encourage members to reach out in the following ways:

  • Volunteer for the AARP’s Tax-Aide program that provides free tax preparation assistance focusing on seniors. Through this participation you will learn about some of the tax issues facing senior taxpayers in your area and provide needed assistance to seniors in filing their returns for free. Visit our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance page to learn more.
  • Learn more about Collections issues in our free webinar series (midway down the page) for attorneys interested in providing pro bono services but new to collections work.
  • Once you have prepared to assist low-income taxpayers, partner with a Low-Income Tax Clinic in your area to request referrals of elderly clients with tax issues.
  • The Section is piloting tax assistance days for seniors in certain cities with the hope of creating a “how to” guide for members to organize events in their own locations. Contact Meg Newman or DeMarcus Freeman from the Tax Section if you are interested in learning more about getting involved.