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December 06, 2021

Tax Connect is Going Away. What's Next?

Transitioning Away from Tax Connect

As you may have heard, the ABA will be transitioning away from its current platform for committee level communication this week. The current platform, Tax Connect, will be replaced in part by a new platform, Hivebrite. However, most committees will revert to using old email listserves to communicate with  members in the short term.

If you are signed up for a committee in your MyABA account, you should receive emails from the committee through the email listserve without taking any additional steps. Visit your committee’s page to find your committee listserve email address.

To review your committee subscriptions or sign up for new committees, follow these instructions. Take advantage of your Tax Section membership and get all the information about educational programming, networking opportunities, tips and resources in your area of practice and more. You can sign up for as many committees as you would like for no additional cost.

We will also be introducing Hivebrite, a platform similar to LinkedIn, in the coming weeks. We will host information sessions and share “how to” resources. As a preview, some of the things you can do with Hivebrite are:

  • Archive and search emails that went through Tax Connect in the last three years
  •  Store and access webinar recordings, materials from meetings and other useful files to share with the community
  • Post announcements and reminders from the leadership of the committee
  • Post events that members can add directly to their calendars

Resources for the Transition

Have a Question or Need Assistance? Contact Staff

If you have questions about Hivebrite, committee listserves, or the transition away from Tax Connect, contact staff at the email addresses below and we will respond as soon as possible! 

Email Staff