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May 18, 2021

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  • Ongoing Updates
    Coronavirus: The Latest Court Closures And Restrictions (Law360)
  • As of March 25
    United States Tax Court: Press Releases re USTC Building Closure &  Trial Session Cancellations (March 23) (March 18) (March 13) (March 11)
  • As of March 25
    Circuit Courts: 1st Cir. (sittings canceled through 4/9/20), 2d Cir. (oral arguments to be heard via teleconference), 3d Cir. (allowing parties to request to appear by audio-conference), 4th Cir. (postponing, deciding without argument or hearing via A/V conference all arguments through 4/7/20), 5th Cir. (rescheduling oral arguments for 4/27/20 to 4/30/20), 6th Cir. (postponing arguments for 3/17/20 through 3/20/20), 7th Cir. (mandating all scheduled arguments through end of April 2020 to be argued telephonically), 8th Cir. (restricting public access to court), 9th Cir. (closing court to public), 10th Cir. (closing court to public), 11th Cir. (closing court to public), D.C. Cir. (postponing, deciding without argument or hearing by teleconference all scheduled oral arguments), Fed. Cir. (mandating that all scheduled arguments be heard by telephonic conference)
  • As of March 25
    State Tax Courts: Alabama (closing office to public), Arizona (limiting in-person proceedings) Hawaii (closing court to public), Indiana (tolling all deadlines and time limits for filings, statutes of limitations, etc.), Maryland (canceling scheduled hearings through April 3, 2020), Massachusetts (moving to telephonic hearings), Minnesota (maintaining current filing deadlines & scheduled telephonic hearings), Michigan (suspending in-person hearings), New Jersey (limiting in-person proceedings), Ohio (postponing in-person hearings), Oregon (postponing in-person hearings), Washington (closing court to public)
  • March 16
    IRS Advisory Council Letter to IRS

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