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Tax Meeting Deadlines and Forms

2020 May Tax Meeting Deadlines

Feb 13 Preliminary Spotlights Due
Mar 5 Final Spotlights, Speaker Requests and AV Requests Due
Apr 3 Materials and Speaker Release Forms Due
Apr 11
Last Opportunity for “Fine-tuning” Edits for Printed Program

Mar 12
Early Bird Registration Deadline (Registration Now Open!)
Apr 4
Hotel Reservations Deadline
Apr 24
Advance Registration Deadline


Requests & Speaker Release Forms


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AV request forms are required in order to receive AV equipment and resources

Audio Visual Request Form

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Speaker Release Form

Speaker Release Form - Government


Speaker Request Instructions
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Zone Chart
(Washington, DC)

  Government (Word Version)
Zone Airfare and Hotel Reimbursement

  Non-Lawyer/Other (Word Version)
*Also use this form for Special Exception requests
Full-Time Academic

Reimbursement available only for Young Lawyer Academics


Section Meeting Registration Policy

Any individual attending any part of a Section of Taxation Meeting, regardless if he or she speaks, must register and pay the registration fee. Shared registrations are not permitted...

Questions or feedback? Contact Section Staff.

Speaker Reimbursement and Complimentary Registration Guidelines

2020 May Tax Meeting - Washington, DC
Deadline: Thursday, February 13, 2020

Now is the time to decide which speakers to invite to the 2020 May Tax Meeting, April 30-May 2, 2020.

Please submit a speaker request form for any speaker requesting travel reimbursement or waived registration fees.  It is important to send the form so that the registration and ticket fees can be waived for these guests and the “official” invitation can be sent.  Please review Speaker Guidelines before requesting reimbursement and/or complimentary registration for a speaker.

Speaker Guidelines:

  • Government speakers receive complimentary registration and tickets.  Those who are permitted also receive travel reimbursement as per the policy effective 10/1/2017.
  • Speakers who are not tax lawyers and work in the for-profit private sector are eligible to receive complimentary registration and tickets.  Travel reimbursement is not provided. Use the Non-Govt-Other form.
  • Reimbursement and/or complimentary registration will NOT be provided for speakers who are tax lawyers in private practice (whether they are members of the Section or not). These speakers, regardless of whether they plan to attend other conference programs, should register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee.
  • Section member speakers who are in academia or who work in low income tax clinics are required to register for the meeting at the discounted academic rate.
  • All other Section members who are speakers are required to register and will not be reimbursed for travel.
  • An “official” invitation will be emailed to all speakers who receive reimbursement and/or complimentary registration. It is IMPERATIVE that you provide phone and e-mail addresses. If this important information is omitted, your guests may experience delays in receiving their invitations.

Please follow the procedure outlined below: 

  1. Obtain Section approval to invite the speaker. Tim Brady (tim.brady@americanbar.org) will notify you regarding approval within one week after receiving the form(s) (within 2 weeks after the deadline).
  2. Extend the invitation to the speaker.  Please remember this should only happen after you have obtained approval from the Section. When you extend the invitation, it is your responsibility to communicate the time, place and exact topic to the speaker.  This detailed information will not be included in the formal invitation.
  3. Notify Tim Brady (Tim.Brady@americanbar.org) when the speaker has accepted.  A formal invitation explaining the registration and hotel accommodations with the requisite forms will be sent only after you confirm the speaker’s acceptance. Please note that the invitation will NOT be sent to the guest until you confirm their acceptance. You will receive a copy of the invitation.
  4. Designate a committee member to act as a host to the speaker.  The government has strict policies regarding what a government employee can or cannot accept. Expenses incurred by a Section member while hosting a government guest are not reimbursable to the member. It is preferable, in order to allow the government guest to be in compliance with their Ethics Rules, that each guest pay for his or her own meal and submit those expenses on the reimbursement form provided to them by the Section.  (This applies only to government speakers who are approved for reimbursement). In this way the government speaker can be reimbursed through the Fund for Justice and Education, a Section 501(c) (3) organization. 

Please submit your speaker request form(s) to Tim Brady at Tim.Brady@americanbar.org.

Government Speaker Request Form (Word Version)

Non-Lawyer/Other Speaker Request Form (Word Version)

Please call Tim Brady at 202-662-8672 with any questions.


Section Meeting Travel Reimbursement Policy

Effective 2/1/2019, please find the linked travel reimbursement categories, with details regarding airfare, hotel accommodations and meeting registration.

Questions or feedback?

Contact The Tax Section at (202) 662-8670