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June 13, 2021 The Tax Lawyer

Author Testimonials

“As an author, I always welcome the opportunity to publish with The Tax Lawyer, the outstanding peer-reviewed tax journal that reaches the widest possible audience of academics, practitioners, and government officials. The Tax Lawyer editors and staff are dedicated to ensuring publication in a timely manner of the highest quality articles, consistent with the publication’s commitment to serve the wider tax community and deepen understanding of significant tax issues.” —Karen Burke, University of Florida Levin College of Law

“The editors of The Tax Lawyer were amazingly helpful with their comments and their edits. My work product was certainly better for their participation. The process was not a rubber stamp. Even better, all of the comments were thoughtful and on point. Moreover, during the pandemic, I was worried about the editing process and demands for additional footnotes because making it to the library was difficult. But the editors of The Tax Lawyer made the process simple, straightforward, and clear.  It was the smoothest editing process I have ever had, and I hope to work with them again.” —Stephanie Hunter McMahon, University of Cincinnati College of Law

“I was very happy to have my article published by The Tax Lawyer. The editorial team was responsive and highly professional. Their editorial work resulted in a much better article. And on the rare occasion when I did not agree with a suggestion, it was clear that it was nothing more than that—a suggestion that I was free to reject. My article included three graphics, something highly unusual for a law journal. The Tax Lawyer took the steps necessary to include the graphics without batting an eyelash, something I also appreciated.” —Laura Snyder, Paris-based attorney and international member of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP)

“One of the key benefits of ABA Tax Section membership is The Tax Lawyer. In most issues, the content of at least one article applies to my practice and is a useful resource. When I decided to try to publish with a major tax publication, I went first to The Tax Lawyer because of its quality and its readership that was the obvious audience for the topics of my writing. I have been honored that The Tax Lawyer accepted four of my articles for publication. I found that the rigor with which editors consider and comment makes the articles better and more useful to members. Over the years, I have received numerous comments on my articles in The Tax Lawyer, often with constructive engagement on the issues that honed my skills as a lawyer. This interaction among author, the editors, and the readership has been rewarding for me. So I highly recommend The Tax Lawyer for all lawyers focusing on a tax practice.” —John A. (Jack) Townsend, Attorney at Law, Houston, Texas

“The Tax Lawyer is unique among tax journals for its focus on cutting-edge practical long-form scholarship. That is what attracted me to publish my article “New Thinking About Jurisdictional Time Periods in the Tax Code.” Tax law reviews such as the Virginia Tax Review contain long-form scholarship. Their mostly student-run editorial boards focus on scholarship of great value to academics. Other tax publications such as Tax Notes and Taxes: The Tax Magazine are run by journalists who give practitioners valuable shorter articles. The Tax Lawyer is the only publication whose editorial board consists both of deeply experienced practitioners and academics and whose audience reflects the diversity of practice one finds in the ABA Tax Section, including both practitioners and academics.” —Bryan Camp, Texas Tech University School of Law

“I consider The Tax Lawyer to be the premier journal in which to place tax scholarship. While The Tax Lawyer is not the only peer-reviewed tax journal, it has by far the greatest readership, with 14,000 subscribers of both academics and practitioners. Even if my article is not relevant to a given reader, that reader will still see my name on the cover, which is helpful PR, hardly irrelevant to tax professors or to practitioners. The editing process is uniformly excellent, with good turnaround times.” —Walter Schwidetzky, University of Baltimore School of Law

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