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Volume 72, No. 3 - Spring 2019

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Vol. 72, No. 3 (Spring 2019)


Section 199A and Choice of Passthrough Entity
Karen C. Burke

What’s Wrong with Strict Liability and Non-Monetary Penalties? The Case for Reasonable Fault-Based Civil Tax Penalties and Procedural Protections (Paper from the 3rd International Conference on Taxpayer Rights)
Eric Lopresti

Erwin N. Griswold Lecture

2019 Erwin N. Griswold Lecture Before the American College of Tax Counsel: Proper Application of the Judicial Doctrines and the Elimination of Section “I Don't Like It”
Richard M. Lipton


Should My Lawyer Do My Taxes? Income Tax Preparation, Accounting Services, and the Scope of the Attorney-Client Privilege
Nicholas E. Hakun

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