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August 02, 2022 The Tax Lawyer

Index to Volume 75

Vol. 75, No. 4 - Summer 2022


This index includes articles, committee reports, and miscellaneous items that appear in volume 75 of The Tax Lawyer. Two cumulative indices have been published previously. They list material in earlier volumes of The Tax Lawyer and its predecessor, the Tax Section Bulletin.1 Part Two of the April 1967 Bulletin was a cumulative index for that publication from its inception in 1947 through its final issue in April 1967. The Tax Lawyer superseded the Bulletin, its Fifteen-Year Cumulative Index (1967􀯅1982) was published in 1983, and its Thirty-Year Cumulative Index (1967􀯅1997) was published in 1998. Indices for each volume of The Tax Lawyer were published beginning with the Spring 1968 issue. Indices for subsequent volumes appear annually in the Summer issue.

None of the indices contain references to the Annual Report of Important Developments. These reports were printed in the summer issue until 2005.

All volumes of The Tax Lawyer and the Bulletin from 1947 to the present are available on HeinOnline.

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