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August 30, 2022 People in Tax Podcast

Season 4 Update

James Creech

In S04E04, Gina Ahn and James Creech discuss the law school to practice transition, solo practice versus working in a larger firm, and embracing the chaos of tax practice. Listen here.

Michael Desmond

In S04E05, William Schmidt and Michael Desmond discuss his time as IRS Chief Counsel, the benefits of public service, and the opportunities available at ABA Tax Section meetings. Listen here.

Samantha Galvin

In S04E06, William Schmidt and Samantha Galvin discuss the transition from student to teacher at the University of Denver, teaching in a tax clinic, effects on the clinic from the pandemic and being active in the American Bar Association Section of Taxation. Listen here.

Janice Shih

In S04E07, Gina Ahn and Janice Shih discuss the challenges and rewards of volunteering with Low-Income Tax Clinics, the surprises of tax practice, and how remote work in the pandemic has actually helped Low-Income Tax Clinics connect to a larger area of clientele. Listen here.

Jonathan Grossberg

In S04E08, Gina Ahn and Jonathan Grossberg discuss student tax law reviews, the ins and outs of tax law publishing, how to get involved in the tax law publishing world. Listen here.

Bonus Episode: Bob Wunderle

In this two part bonus episode, Susan Morgenstern and Bob Wunderle discuss the Tax Analysts Public Service Fellowship at La Posada in Twin Falls, Idaho. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.

Marie Milnes-Vasquez Part 1

In S04E09, in part 1 of 2, Bela Unell and Marie Milnes-Vasquez discuss working on the IRS side of tax, cases that never make it to court, and the interactions between the IRS and organizations like the ABA. Listen here.

Marie Milnes-Vasquez Part 2

In S04E10, in part 2 of 2, Bela Unell and Marie Milnes-Vasquez continue their discussion on becoming an accidental lawyer, opening up more areas of opportunity to people with different backgrounds, and the ‘special sauce’ that creates a transactional tax attorney. Listen here.