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December 21, 2022 Pro Bono Matters

Tax Section Hosts a Successful First Virtual Settlement Week

Anthony C. Infanti and Megan Newman

During ABA’s Celebrate Pro Bono Week this fall, the Tax Section hosted its first Virtual Settlement Week from October 24th through the 27th. During the four-day event, about eighty volunteers helped almost sixty taxpayers. The response from taxpayers and our Tax Section volunteers far exceeded our expectations and helped to make this event a success. Nearly all the participating taxpayers’ cases were settled with the assistance of the volunteer attorneys. The IRS Settlement Day Cadre was a diligent partner who helped make this national event a success.

The idea behind Virtual Settlement Week is to serve taxpayers in geographic areas where it might be difficult to access pro bono representation. At the same time, Virtual Settlement Week extended the Tax Section’s efforts to train new pro bono attorneys. While Tax Section webinars and other educational sessions are important, there is nothing better than learning through observing an experienced attorney assisting a taxpayer in need of help. Tax Section staff were able to collect information from all the volunteers and ensure that nearly all were assigned a partner. Those who did not have extensive experience either practicing relevant tax law or with pro bono matters were assigned an experienced partner. Many JD and LLM students participated in a research/observation capacity, which provided them the training and context to take on pro bono matters as they continue with their careers in tax law. Ideally, these attorneys and students will keep in touch with their partners and have a new pro bono mentor to call on for future support as well!

We would like to extend a hearty thank you to all our Virtual Settlement Week volunteers:

  • Abbey B. Garber
  • Adrian Lores De La Pena
  • Alex Carney
  • Alexa Weber
  • Alice Stewart
  • Andre Carman
  • Andrea Despotes
  • Angel Eason
  • Anna Gooch
  • Arjun Ghosh
  • Benjamin Reiss
  • Chitra Aiyar
  • Christine Speidel
  • Derek Wheeler
  • Elisabeth “Lisa” Sperow
  • Eman Cuyler
  • Emily Yaun
  • Ethan Moore
  • Evelyn Lin
  • Fatima Garcia
  • Fernando Juarez Hernandez
  • Garrett Cimina
  • Geeyoun Jennifer Galstad-Lee
  • Grace Allison
  • Janice Shih
  • Jennifer R. Schinke
  • Jenny Longman
  • Jessica Harris
  • Jessica Kirk
  • Jordan Howlette
  • Joseph Barry Schimmel
  • Joy Momin
  • Karen Lapekas
  • Katherine Williams
  • Kathryn Kaylor
  • Katie Siderchuk
  • Krystal Ibarra Premachandra
  • Laura Burt
  • Lawrence Sannicandro
  • Lucy Petry
  • Maceo Kirkland
  • Magaly Lopez
  • Marcia Suarez
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Maxine Aaronson
  • Melissa Curley
  • Melissa Wiley
  • Michelle D. Wynn
  • Michelle Drumbl
  • Minh “Dennis” Nguyen
  • Mohand Ihout
  • Morgan Oliver
  • Nancy Ryan
  • Olivia Scott
  • Peter Lin-Tsai
  • Peter Lowy
  • Philipp Behrendt
  • Prabhad Dobriyal
  • R. Hardin Matthews
  • Richard H. Champion
  • Robert Nassau
  • Robert Probasco
  • Russell Thornton
  • Ryan Cook
  • Sama Kaseer
  • Sarah E. Adkisson
  • Steve Milgrom
  • Tamara Kotzker
  • Tara Hambacher
  • Tara Rosenblum
  • Thomas G. Rex
  • Tiffany Hamil
  • Tony Whaley
  • Upasana Goel
  • Wendy Hernandez
  • Zhilin Chen
  • And additional student lawyers from several academic LITCs (supervised by their professors listed above)

Given the success of Virtual Settlement Week, the Tax Section and the IRS are eager to make this an ongoing initiative. Please stay tuned for future opportunities to participate! We hope even more of our members will join us for the next Virtual Settlement Week.

Anthony C. Infanti

Vice Chair for Pro Bono & Outreach

Megan Newman

Counsel to the Tax Section

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