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March 11, 2021 Tax Bits

Tax Laws

By Robert S. Steinberg, Law Offices of Robert S. Steinberg, Palmetto Bay, FL

(To tune of “Blue Skies” words and music by Irving Berlin, as sung by Willie Nelson & Kenny Rogers in December 2011 or Ella Fitzgerald in 1958.)

Tax laws—
Passed a la mode.
So many tax laws,
We call them a Code.

Tax blues—
Getting you down.
An ocean of tax rules
To swim in and drown.

Never see the sun,
Read all the time,
Make a mistake, it might be a crime.
A lawyer’s work is fun.
With any luck
Get the law right, you might earn a buck.

Tax days—
Everyone hates
Another new tax law’s
Effective dates.

Bridge 2
Strive to be upright,
Moral and pure,
With OPR
You’re never secure.
Studying one phrase,
A riddle of text,
Like running a maze
At each turn perplexed.

Tax brains—
Buzzing like saws.
If you’re in the tax game,
You love the tax law.