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September 21, 2021 In the Stacks

Tax Section Publishes Litigating a Case in Tax Court

This summer, the ABA Tax Section published Litigating a Case in Tax Court, a new book designed to cover every aspect of a United States Tax Court case. Derived from a chapter in the popular Effectively Representing Your Client Before the IRS, the new book offers detailed guidance and tips on the Tax Court process in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use compact paper format with an online portal for accessing many sample documents that practitioners can use.

“Litigating a Case in the Tax Court” has been a chapter in Effectively Representing Your Client Before the IRS for several editions, and has recently been updated by Sean M. Akins, Kandyce Korotky, and David Sams. Purchasers of the new 8th edition of Effectively Representing will already have the new book’s content. The new book is designed for attorneys, accountants, and enrolled agents representing clients before the U.S. Tax Court without access to the much larger Effectively Representing. It will also be very helpful to those professionals taking the U.S. Tax Court written examination.

“My coauthors and I are excited to make the chapter available as a standalone book,” said Sean Akins. “The book provides a discussion of some of the key features of litigating a case before the United States Tax Court, as well as some of the seminal cases related to procedural matters. Equally as important, it offers practice tips and an identification of traps for the unwary that have been learned by the authors over time. We hope that this will be a helpful and welcome resource to those representing taxpayers in the Tax Court.”

“This book offers an excellent practical guide to handling a Tax Court case from start to finish,” noted Keith Fogg, 2018–2021 Vice Chair, Publications. “The sample pleadings provide a great resource for motions and other matters that arise infrequently. With the material in a single volume, it becomes easy to carry to Tax Court or easy to read. We hope this is a welcome addition to the library of those involved in representing taxpayers in controversies before the IRS.”

Litigating a Case in Tax Court is available for purchase in the ABA Store. Purchasers will be provided access to a routinely updated website that provides many sample pleadings and related documents.