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January 11, 2022 Tax Bits


By Robert S. Steinberg, Law Offices of Robert S. Steinberg, Palmetto Bay, FL

(To the tune of Unforgettable by Irving Gordon as recorded by Nat King Cole and by Natalie Cole in a mix with Nat King Cole.)

I swear out loud.
My investment fees
Now disallowed.

And employees who had union dues
They could deduct, now all sing the blues.
They’re paying more
Than they did before.

With rage I burn.
Tax preparer fees
For my return.

All those receipts, no use saving them
When a Congress bent on shaving them
Has made most things unallowable now.

That car so tired
Driven for the sales
Or you’d get fired.
Corporate big wigs can still get the fluff
While employees can’t deduct the stuff.
Most everything is unallowable now.

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