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May 29, 2020 People in Tax Podcast

Shanthy Bala, Justin Miller, Arsalan Malik, Carolyn Lee, Anson Asbury, and Stephanie Lipinski Galland

Shanthy Bala

In S02E17, James Creech and Shanthy Bala discuss helping indigent taxpayers at a rural Florida tax clinic, the important role of the ABA Tax Section in supporting tax clinic professionals, and the benefits of clinic internships to law students. Listen here.

Justin Miller

In S02E18, James Creech and Justin Miller discuss explaining a complicated tax code to clients, speaking at tax meetings, and advice to students considering a career in the financial industry. Listen here.

Arsalan Malik

In S02E19, James Creech and Arsalan Malik discuss developing expertise in employee benefits, keeping pace with the evolving nature of the field, and the benefits of encouraging diverse perspectives through such Tax Section initiatives as the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships. Listen here.

Carolyn Lee

In S02E20, James Creech and Carolyn Lee discuss launching a tax career in a small firm, the culture in a large tax firm, and improving diversity in the tax community. Listen here.

Anson Asbury

In S02E21, James Creech and Anson Asbury discuss the advantages and challenges of leading a small firm, as well as relying on Tax Meetings and The Tax Lawyer to keep current. Listen here.

Stephanie Lipinski Galland

In S02E22, James Creech and Stephanie Lipinski Galland discuss the challenges of state and local taxes, the impact of the Wayfair decision, and opportunities for students considering a career in state and local taxes. Listen here