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November 29, 2020 People in Tax Podcast

Lewis Taischoff, Philip Speicher, Phyllis Epstein, and Jamie Szal

Lewis Taischoff

In S02E30, James Creech and Lewis Taischoff discuss writing about tax, and how to keep readers engaged with it, judicial nicknames, baseball metaphors, sympathetic clients, and what makes good blog material, ending with the changes in case management in the court. Listen here.

Philip Speicher

In S02E31, James Creech and Philip Speicher discuss tax litigation, working with clients, and handling expectations for both. Listen here.

Phyllis Epstein

In S02E32, James Creech and Phyllis Epstein discuss the perceptions of tax law and tax lawyers, diversity in the field, and the human element of tax practice. Listen here.

Jamie Szal

In S02E33, James Creech and Jamie Szal discuss the ins and outs of SALT practice, including life after Wayfair, the perspective of women in SALT practice, and adapting to working and networking during the pandemic. Listen here.