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August 24, 2020 People in Tax Podcast

Omeed Firouzi, Tim Todd, Marsha Dungog, Anshu Khanna, Sam Brunson, Jane Zhao, Bernie Becker, and Pedro Corona

Omeed Firouzi

In S02E23, James Creech and Omeed Firouzi discuss worker misclassification and the affect it has on both employers and employees. They also delve into what to look at when making a classification challenge, and the intersection of LITC and other areas of legal practice. Listen here.

Tim Todd

In S02E24, James Creech and Tim Todd cover topics in teaching tax taxation, and why tax is a required course for law students. Also discussed, the development of the tax law curriculum and the ever-evolving nature of tax practice. Listen here.

Marsha Dungog and Anshu Khanna

In S02E25, James Creech, Marsha Dungog, and Anshu Khanna discuss getting into international tax law, taxation challenges related to cross-border families, and international responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen here.

Sam Brunson

In S02E26, James Creech and Sam Brunson discuss tax law’s broader social impacts, “God and the IRS”, and teaching tax policy. Listen here.

Jane Zhao

In S02E27, James Creech and Jane Zhao discuss her experiences in low-income tax clinics, including the benefits of the calendar call clinic program, as well as the overlap between low and high-income tax practice, and transitioning between both areas. Listen here.

Bernie Becker

In S02E28, James Creech and Bernie Becker discuss the political side of tax practice, the occasionally odd and tricky aspects of tax policy reporting, and where to find the best snacks on Capitol Hill. Listen here.

Pedro Corona

In S02E29, James Creech and Pedro Corona discuss working in both the U.S. and Mexico, the differences between the two legal systems, and the challenges and opportunities of working in both countries. Listen here