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June 13, 2019 Section Events & Promotions

Section CLE Products

Listen at your convenience to high-quality tax law CLE on a variety of topics. ABA CLE downloads are generally accepted in the following MCLE jurisdictions: AK, AR, CA, CO, GA, HI, IL, MO, MT, NV, NM, NY, ND, OR, TX, UT, VT, WV. Recordings and course materials from the following recent Tax Section webinars and more are available at

Fixing Employment Tax Errors: Best Practices for Amending Employment Tax Returns, Avoiding Penalties and Communicating With Affected Employees

Nuts & Bolts Collection Series Part IV: Addressing More Complicated Issues in Preparing an Offer-in-Compromise

Affiliated and Related Corporations and Proposed 163(j)

Post-Tax Reform Planning for Cross-Border Investments by Private Funds

Section 1202: Tax Planning in Light of the 2017 Tax Act

New Law, New Regulations, New Practitioners: Legal and Ethical Obligations When Advising Taxpayers in an Uncertain Legal Environment

The IRS’s Modern Use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Tax Enforcement

Transparency Tide or Tsunami? The New Wave of Global Reporting Rules and IRS Tools to Unearth Foreign Financial Accounts

Repatriation of Foreign Earnings (Real or Imagined, Voluntary or Otherwise)

Tax Planning for Law Firms Under the 2017 Tax Act – The Effects of The Proposed Regulations

Back to the Drawing Board? Evaluating State Tax Nexus Post-Wayfair

Nuts & Bolts Collections Part III: Preparing an Offer-in-Compromise for Pro Bono Clients

Understanding the New Guidance on Section 199A

6 Months After Tax Reform - What Is the Impact of the International Provisions?

A Renewed Focus on CoGS, Keeping Up with the BEAT

The Nuts and Bolts of the Section 965 Proposed Regulations - A Close Look

The 2017 Tax Act and Its Impact on Corporate Transactions

Nuts & Bolts Collections Part II: Next Steps in Assisting Pro Bono Clients with Collections Matters

What Tax Reform Means for Affiliated and Related Corporations