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November 16, 2017 News & Announcements

The Tax Lawyer – Summer 2017 Issue Is Available

The Summer 2017 Issue of The Tax Lawyer, the nation’s premier, peer-reviewed tax law journal,is now available. The Tax Lawyer is published quarterly as a service to members of the Tax Section. Click here to read or download the complete issue.


Eric S. Smith, Due Process Implications Related to State Notice and Economic Nexus Laws

Kyle Richard, Towards a Standard for Intergovernmental Tax Immunity Between the Several States

Matthew T. Szudajski, The Rising Trend of Sales Tax Nexus Expansion


Volume 70, Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4


Christopher Brown,Wynne It’s Time for Change: How States and Their Political Subdivisions Must Amend Their Tax Systems to Comply with the Dormant Commerce Clause

Summer 2017 Audio Edition Available from ModioLegal

What is an hour of your time worth? Listen to the same content as the print edition of The Tax Lawyer without forgoing billable time at your desk – approximately 40 hours of content per year!