February 17, 2017 In the Stacks

Call for Book Reviews

The move to a digital-only format has allowed ATT to expand the types of materials we publish. One new feature is reviews of books and articles on topics of interest to our members. Reviews inform readers of recent publications pertaining to tax policy and emerging issues, as well as broader concerns about the interrelationship between tax policies and economic growth, income inequality and poverty. Reviews may be of single books or articles or they may be review essays that discuss and compare two or more books and articles addressing the same topic, similar to such review essays in the New York Review of Books. Reviews will be considered for publication in each issue of ATT.

Reviews should be no more than 2,000 words in length, though on rare occasions longer submissions will be accepted on consultation with the editor. Reviews should provide a concise introduction to the item’s primary themes and a critical analysis of its significance that considers strengths, weaknesses, and relevance to the field.

Here is an eclectic sampling of titles in our stacks for which ATT will consider a review.

A Good Tax: Legal and Policy Issues for the Property Tax in the U.S., Joan Youngman (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy 2016)

Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow (Penguin Books 2005)

Beginner’s Guide to Tax-Exempt Bonds for Affordable Housing, Alysse Hollis & Richard M. Froehlich (ABA 2016)

Business, Human Rights, and Sustainability Sourcebook, ed. Lelia Mooney (ABA 2016)

Carbon Pricing, ed. Larry Kreiser et al. (Edward Elgar 2016)

Concrete Economics: The Hamilton Approach to Economic Growth and Policy, Stephen S. Cohen & J. Bradford DeLong (Harvard Business Review Press 2016)

Economic Behaviour and Taxation, James Alm & J.Sebastian Leguizamon (Edward Elgar 2016)

Environmental Pricing, ed. Larry Kreiser et al. (Edward Elgar 2016)

Judicial Interpretation of Tax Treaties, Carlo Garbarino & Emile Noël Fellow (Edward Elgar Publishing 2016)

Social Security Law, Policy, and Practice, Frank Bloch & Jon Dubin (West Academic Publishing 2016)

Understanding Corporate Taxation, 3d edition, Leandra Lederman & Michelle Kwon (Carolina Academic Press 2016)

If you are interested in submitting a review of any of these titles or in discussing other content ideas for ATT, contact Supervising Editor, Linda M. Beale at lbeale@wayne.edu.