August 26, 2016 Announcements

The Tax Lawyer – Spring 2016 Issue Is Now Available

The Spring 2016 Issue of The Tax Lawyer, the nation’s premier, peer-reviewed tax law journal,is now available. The Tax Lawyer is published quarterly as a service to members of the Tax Section. Click here to read or download the complete issue.

2016 Erwin N. Griswold Lecture Before the American College of Tax Counsel

Emily A. Parker, Stroke of the Scrivener’s Pen: Role of a Tax Planner and Litigator

Selected Articles from the Inaugural International Taxpayer Rights Conference

Nina E. Olson, Introduction

Alice G. Abreu and Richard K. Greenstein, Tax as Everylaw: Interpretation, Enforcement, and the Legitimacy of the IRS

Keith Fogg and Sime Jozipovic, How Can Tax Collection be Structured to Observe and Preserve Taxpayer Rights: A Discussion of Practices and Possibilities

Leslie Book, Bureaucratic Oppression and the Tax System

Amanda Bartmann, Making Taxpayer Rights Real: Overcoming Challenges to Integrate Taxpayer Rights into a Tax Agency’s Operations

Other Articles

Karen C. Burke and Grayson M.P. McCouch, Sham Partnerships and Equivocal Transactions

Daniel S. Goldberg, The Target Method for Partnership Special Allocations and Why It Should Be Safe-Harbored

Stanley Veliotis, AMT with No or Trivial Transactional Preferences: The Regular Tax Rate Schedule as an Implied AMT Preference


Michael W. Jin, Section 501(r): A Better Charitable Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Hospitals?