2003 Midyear Meeting


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2003 Midyear Meeting, San Antonio, TX

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Program Material Title

Speaker/Author Names

Document ID Number
AgricultureRecent Developments: October 1 – December 31, 2002Nepple, James A.547200301026
Capital Recovery and LeasingRev. Rul. 2002-69 on LILOs — Back to the Future InterestShorter, James R., Jr.547200301016
Capital Recovery and LeasingSummary of Significant Developments From October 9, 2002 through December 27, 2002Kim, Young J.547200301031
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesEnhanced IRS Enforcement and the "Sensitive Issue" Audit: Practical and Ethical ConsiderationsRettig, Charles P.547200301029
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesRecent Cases, Commentary and AnalysisFenstermaker, Scott547200301018
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesSarbanes Oxley: United States Sentencing GuidelinesFenstermaker, Scott L.547200301017
Closely Held BusinessesBuy-Sell Agreements and Related Tax Issues for the Closely-Held BusinessMezzullo, Louis A.547200301021
Closely Held BusinessesMergers & Conversions; Pass-Through and Disregarded Entities; Primary Tax Planning IssuesMarks, Gregory M.547200301014
Court Procedure and PracticeElectronic Documents and SpoliationCurtin, David J.547200301002
Court Procedure and PracticeElectronic Documents and SpoliationGoldman, Richard547200301002
Court Procedure and PracticeElectronic Documents and SpoliationGreenhouse, Robin L.547200301002
Court Procedure and PracticeElectronic Documents and SpoliationSwift, Hon. Stephen J.547200301002
Court Procedure and PracticeStrategies for Defending Against the Discovery of Tax Returns in Non-Tax LitigationBowen, Nancy T.547200301013
Court Procedure and PracticeSummary of Current Developments: October 17, 2002 – January 22, 2003Madison, Allen D.547200301019
Employee Benefits"In Light of Recent Circumstances": An Updated Look at What Benefits Lawyers Need to Know About Securities LawsBaker, Pamela A.547200301027
Employee BenefitsKeeping Profits and Avoiding Embarrassment: Reporting Requirements and Liability Issues Under Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934Daley, Susan J.547200301028
Employee BenefitsProposed Treasury Regulations on Age Discrimination in Retirement Plan Accruals Under IRC Section 411(b)(1)(H)Mazo, Judith F.547200301003
Estate & Gift TaxesRecent Cases Affecting Family Limited Partnerships and LLCsMezzullo, Louis A.547200301020
Exempt OrganizationsChecklist of Grant Tax & Accounting IssuesBlazek, Jody547200301009
Exempt OrganizationsManaging Conflicts on Interest in Human Subjects ResearchChaurette, Katherine A.547200301025
Exempt OrganizationsManaging Conflicts on Interest in Human Subjects ResearchJedrey, Christopher M.547200301025
Exempt OrganizationsSample Grant AgreementBlazek, Jody547200301011
Exempt OrganizationsTax-Exempt Organizations, including Private Foundations: Checklist for Alternative InvestmentsBlazek, Jody547200301008
Exempt OrganizationsTax Issues in Research Facing Academic Medical CentersHasson, James K., Jr.547200301032
Exempt OrganizationsThe Use of For-Profit Subsidiaries by Exempt OrganizationsLundy, Joseph E.547200301012
Exempt OrganizationsThe Use of For-Profit Subsidiaries by Exempt OrganizationsMcDowell, Suzanne Ross547200301012
Exempt OrganizationsWhat a Difference the Words Make!Blazek, Jody547200301010
Foreign Affairs of U.S. TaxpayersChoice of Entity in the International Context: Important Tax Consequences Arising From Permanent EstablishmentsKlitgaard, Mark S.547200301006
Real EstatePassive Activity/At-Risk UpdateGrace, Michael J.547200301005
S CorporationsRecent Developments Relating to the Taxation of S CorporationsNechemias, Stephen M.547200301030
Sales Exchanges & BasisCurrent Developments (Other Than for Like-Kind Exchanges)Crouch, Laurence E.547200301022
Sales Exchanges & BasisCurrent Developments (Other Than for Like-Kind Exchanges)Jensen, Erik M.547200301022
Sales Exchanges & BasisSales and Use Tax Aspects of Section 1031 ExchangesDowdall, J. Patrick547200301001
Standards of Tax PracticeEthical Issues in Offers in CompromiseShapiro, Leslie S.547200301004
Teaching TaxationRecent Developments in Federal Income TaxationMcMahon, Martin J., Jr.547200301015
Teaching TaxationRecent Developments in Federal Income TaxationShepard, Ira B.547200301015
Teaching TaxationRecent Estate and Gift Tax DevelopmentsGerzog, Wendy C.547200301007
Transfer PricingIntangible Valuation and Migration After DHL and After the Treasury Inversion ResponseMundaca, Michael F.547200301023
Transfer PricingIntangibles—Migration and Valuation Post-DHLBirnkrant, Henry547200301024
Transfer PricingIntangibles—Migration and Valuation Post-DHLFemia, Rocco547200301024
Transfer PricingIntangibles—Migration and Valuation Post-DHLMundaca, Michael547200301024