2008 May Meeting


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2008 May Meeting, Washington, DC

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Committee Name
Program Material Title
Speaker/Author Name
Document ID Number
Administrative PracticePanel OutlinePillar, Phillip A.547200805081
Administrative PracticePanel PowerPointMurray, Fred F.547200805034
Administrative PracticePanel PowerPointPillar, Phillip A.547200805033
Administrative PracticeSelected Recent Developments in Administrative PracticeHodes, Rochelle L.
Lynn, Brian R.
Banking and Savings InstitutionsLife Settlement Opportunities: Life Insurance Policies Become a Mainstream Asset ClassLeeds, Mark547200805025
Bankruptcy and WorkoutsState Taxation of Troubled CompaniesKushner, Jonathan
Maynes, Todd
Meleney, Alex
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesThe Eliot Spitzer Story - What Actually Happened?Katz, Farley547200805062
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesImportant Civil Developments: January 2008 through April 2008Bowling, Julie
Cullinan, Thomas A.
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesImportant Developments - CriminalBrackney, Megan L.547200805021
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesRecent Tax-Related Sentencing CasesElber, Niles547200805045
Civil and Criminal Tax PenaltiesReports of Subcommittees: Legislative and Administrative DevelopmentsColvin, John547200805046
Closely Held BusinessesIRS Collection: Update and Overlooked StrategiesGreen, Eric L.
Wilson, Gregory R.
Closely Held BusinessesTaxation of the Purchase and Sale of a Professional PracticeFlintoff, Michael S.
Prescott, William P.
Corporate TaxCompensation Arrangements in Corporate TransactionsTrier, Dana L.547200805072
Court Procedure and PracticeAppeal of Tax Cases: Potential Pitfalls and Procedural IssuesDuffy, Robert T.547200805078
Court Procedure and PracticeSummary of Current DevelopmentsPartain, Rachel547200805055
Court Procedure and Practice: Section ProgramPanel PaperHodges, Charles E.547200805083
Employee BenefitsCurrent Health Plan Issues: Subrogation and the Use of VEBAs to Fund Retiree LiabilitiesStember, Mark L.547200805009
Employee Benefits409A Restrictions on Nonqualified Deferred CompensationHall, Russell E.547200805075
Employee Benefits409A: the UK angleDale, Jane547200805001
Employee BenefitsInternal Revenue Code Section 409A - Implications for Canadian SERPSHall, Russell E.547200805077
Employee BenefitsPanel PaperBanister, Eleanor547200805030
Employee BenefitsPanel PowerPointBanister, Eleanor547200805013
Employee BenefitsPanel PowerPointHall, Russell E.547200805037
Employee BenefitsRetiree VEBAsHennessy, Nell547200805048
Employee BenefitsVoluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (“VEBAs”) paperUtz, John L.547200805069
Employee BenefitsVoluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (“VEBAs”) pptUtz, John L.547200805070
Employee Benefits: Section ProgramCross-border M&A: the UK angleDale, Jane547200805006
Employee Benefits: Section ProgramIdentifying and Dealing With Compensation and Benefits Issues – A Canadian PerspectiveFrazer, Mitch547200805019
Employee Benefits: Section ProgramPensions and Other Benefits in the Context of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: a Dutch PerspectiveDekker, Kees-Pieter547200805042
Employee Benefits: Subcommittee on Defined Contribution Plans and Task Force on Electronic Plan Administration/Vendor ManagementDOL Proposed Regulations Regarding Service Provider DisclosuresO'Hare, Bernard F.547200805011
Energy and Environmental TaxesThe Federal Production Tax Credit and Other Tax Issues of Renewable EnergyReinstein, Todd547200805063
Estate and Gift TaxesCurrent Developments in Estate PlanningCarter, Benjamin547200805007
Estate and Gift TaxesEstate Planning for S Corporations (PowerPoint)Masterson, Brian S.
Newlon, Jeanne L.
Estate & Gift TaxesEstate Planning for S CorporationsMasterson, Brian S.
Newlon, Jeanne L.
Estate and Gift TaxesGift-Splitting - A Boondoggle Or A Bad Idea?Zeydel, Diana S.C.547200805017
Estate and Gift TaxesGift-Splitting Decision TreeZeydel, Diana S.C.547200805018
Estate and Gift TaxesRecent Cases Affecting Family Limited Partnerships and LLCsMezzullo, Louis A.547200805043
Fiduciary Income TaxPractitioner Penalties Under Circular 230 § 10.34Blattmacher, Jonathan G.547200805090
Fiduciary Income TaxPreparer Penalties Under IRC § 6694Blattmacher, Jonathan G.547200805089
Fiduciary Income TaxRecent Developments in Fiduciary Income TaxStern, Lisa M.547200805044
Financial TransactionsDistressed Debt InvestingGarlock, David547200805093
Financial TransactionsExchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)Maddrey, Jeff547200805015
Foreign Activities of US TaxpayersDevelopments, Opportunities & Pitfalls in International M&ACalianno, Joseph M.547200805010
Foreign Activities of US TaxpayersSubpart F: Proposed Regulations on Contract ManufacturingYoder, Lowell D.547200805054
Foreign Lawyers ForumPanel PowerPointNoren, David547200805032
Individual and Family TaxationThe Continuing Problems of the Taxation of Damage Awards: A Brief IntroductionRobinson, Professor Toni547200805061
Individual and Family TaxationEthical MaterialsHymel, Professor Mona L.547200805014
Individual and Family TaxationTax Consequences of Home ForeclosureMann, Professor Roberta547200805056
Joint Session of FAUST, FLF, Transfer Pricing and USAFTTCurrent Developments: International TaxWest, Philip R.547200805074
Joint Session of Standards of Tax Practice, Civil & Criminal Penelties, Young Lawyer ForumPanel PaperCampagna, Larry A.547200805076
Low Income TaxpayersRefund Anticipation Loans: A PrimerWu, Chi Chi547200805087
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic WorkshopAudit Reconsideration: Talking PointsBorison, Prof. Jerome547200805080
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic WorkshopAudit Reconsideration PPTSheely, Karen547200805079
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic WorkshopEarned Income Credit Outline (2005 & Later Years)Kensinger, Prof. Dale547200805012
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic WorkshopPanel PowerPoint PresentationHill, Claudia547200805040
Partnerships & LLCsOrder in the Court: Why Ordering Matters in Partnership TransactionsAbrams, Prof. Howard
Rose, Stephen D.
Partnerships & LLCsPanel PaperHortenstine, Barksdale
Huffman, Gary R.
Jackel, Monte
Wasserman, William
Partnerships & LLCsPanel PowerPointGolub, Todd
Schippel, Bahar
Partnerships & LLCsPartnerships & LLCs Hot TopicsMiller, Carlene547200805041
Partnerships & LLCsPanel PowerPointEggers, Rebecka
Gall, Philip
Pro BonoMortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007Sheehy, Frances D.547200805026
Real EstateCreditor Restructuring IssuesFriedman, Simon
Swartz, Linda Z.
Real EstateInvestment in U.S. Real Estate by Sovereign Wealth FundsKirshenbaum, Mark D.
Lowy, James
Real EstateTop Ten Questions: Lease Incentives and TerminationsDarrow, Jill
Levine, Richard E.
Real EstateTriggering Real Estate LossesRooney, John
Temkin, Charles B.
S CorporationsThe Insolvent S Corporation – Primer of Tax ConcernsWiden, Fred547200805064
S CorporationsTax-Free Reorganizations Involving S CorporationsAugust, Jerald D.
Hall, III, C. Wells
Sales, Exchanges & BasisCurrent Developments in Like-Kind ExchangesShechtman, David547200805008
Sales, Exchanges & BasisPreparer Standards? I didn''t even see that return, much less sign it!McKenny, Paul L. B.547200805088
Sales, Exchanges & BasisStructured Sales as a Safety Net for Intended Section 1031 Exchanges - A Contrary ViewShechtman, David547200805053
Section Program: Court Procedure and PracticePanel PaperHodges, Charles E.547200805083
Section Program: Employee BenefitsCross-border M&A: the UK angleDale, Jane547200805006
Section Program: Employee BenefitsIdentifying and Dealing With Compensation and Benefits Issues – A Canadian PerspectiveFrazer, Mitch547200805019
Section Program: Employee BenefitsPensions and Other Benefits in the Context of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: a Dutch PerspectiveDekker, Kees-Pieter547200805042
Section Program: FAUST, FLF, USAFTT and Transfer PricingPanel PowerPointCanale, David547200805035
Section Program: State and Local TaxesFAS 109, FIN 48, ABA-AICPA Treaty and Other BackgroundSmith, Scott D.547200805016
Section Program: State and Local TaxesTextron, Inc - Learning PointsBarrie, John P.547200805059
Standards of Tax PracticeAddressing Taxpayers’ Errors and OmissionsWilson, Pete547200805002
Standards of Tax PracticePanel PaperTaylor III, Jasper G.547200805029
State and Local TaxesCommunications Tax ReformKranz, Stephen547200805003
State and Local TaxesInternet Tax Freedom Act Amendments Act of 2007 (not a typo)Symons, Howard547200805022
State and Local TaxesPanel PowerPointEngel, Mark547200805086
State and Local TaxesThe New Virginia Communications TaxesMayer, Joseph E.
Rogers, N. Pendleton
State and Local TaxesPanel PaperChumley, Loren
Compton, Whitney
Engel, Mark
State and Local TaxesPanel PowerPointChumley, Loren
Compton, Whitney
State and Local TaxesVendor Liability Exposure for Tax Collection Duties: Recent Cases and Emerging IssuesSimpson, Jay (John)547200805068
State and Local Taxes: Section ProgramFAS 109, FIN 48, ABA-AICPA Treaty and Other BackgroundSmith, Scott D.547200805016
State and Local Taxes: Section ProgramTextron, Inc - Learning PointsBarrie, John P.547200805059
Tax AccountingPanel PaperBivans, Lorenzo A.
Blaine, George
Carlton, Brandon
Keyso, Andrew
Tingey, Dennis
Towne, Gerald
Tax AccountingPanel PowerPointAnderson, Grant
Carlton, Brandon
Conjura, Carol
Handleman, Paul
Tingey, Dennis
Tax AccountingPanel PowerPointCarlton, Brandon
Keyso, Andrew
O'Connor, Colleen
Tingey, Dennis
Zweibel, Patricia
Tax Exempt FinancingDebt Restructurings - Mini-Agenda and Discussion PointsGerber, Clifford M.547200805092
Transfer PricingThe 2007 CSA Buy-In CIP: Implications of the Income MethodPlotkin, Irving H.547200805060
Transfer PricingCompetent Authority/US-Canada Bilateral RelationshipGreen, Robert H.547200805004
Transfer PricingResolution of US-Canadian Transfer Pricing DisputesMorgan, William547200805047
US Activities of Foreigners and Tax TreatiesSovereign Wealth Funds: Tell Me More... And MoreGranwell, Alan
Kawano, Akemi
US Activities of Foreigners and Tax TreatiesThe Taxation of Sovereign Wealth Funds - Section 892 and BeyondSchneidman, Leonard547200805066
VAT & Other Consumption TaxesMulti-jurisdictional VATs: An International ComparisonPerry, Victoria547200805027
VAT & Other Consumption TaxesRisk, Rents and Regressivity Revisited: Why the United States Needs both an Income Tax and a VATAvi-Yonah, Reuven S.547200805049