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2006 Joint Fall CLE Meeting

October 19-21, Denver, CO

Thoughtful Insights. Useful Analysis.

Thoughtful Insights. Useful Analysis.

Section Meeting Materials Archive

Thousands of pages of cutting-edge committee program materials presented at Section of Taxation Meetings from May 1999 to the present are available to all Tax Section members in TaxIQ. These PDF documents contain analysis of the latest federal tax policy, initiatives, regulations, legislative forecasts, and planning ideas developed by the country's leading tax attorneys and government officials.

2006 Fall Meeting, Denver, CO

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Banking and Savings Institutions

Business Planning Group (PT), Closely Held Business (TX)

Business Planning Group (PT), Litigation and Controversy Group (PT), Closely Held Business (TX)

Civil and Criminal Tax Penalties

Closely Held Businesses; Business Planning Group

Closely Held Businesses; Business Planning Group; Litigation and Controversy Group

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Group RP

Employee Benefit Plans and Other Compensation Arrangements Group PT

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Subcommittee: COBRA and Welfare Plan Design Issues; HIPAA; State Insurance Regulation of Welfare Plans; Cafeteria Plans and Flexible Benefits; Retiree Health, VEBAs and Other Funding Vehicles (Tax); Welfare Plan (RPPT)

Energy and Environmental Taxes

Estate & Gift Taxes (TAX), Fiduciary Income Tax (TAX) and Probate and Trust Division (PT)

Estate and Gift Taxes

Exempt Organizations

Fiduciary Income Tax

Foreign Activities of US Taxpayers

Hospitality, Community Recreation and Common Interest Developments RP

Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group PT

Individual and Family Taxation

Leasing RP

Partnerships & LLCs

Plenary Session

Real Estate

Real Estate Financing Group RP

Real Estate Taxation and Governmental Incentives RP

Residential, Multi-Family and Special Use RP

S Corporations

Sales, Exchanges and Basis

Section Program: Closely Held Businesses Committee; Business Planning Group; Employee Benefit Plans and Other Compensation Arrangements Group

Section Program: Employee Benefits

Section Program: Foreclosures, Workouts and Bankruptcy (RP)

Section Program: Generation Skipping Transfers Committee (PT)

Section Program: Litigation and Controversy Group

Section Program: Litigation and Controversy Group (PT)

Standards of Tax Practice

State and Local Taxes

Tax Accounting

Teaching Taxation

Wealth and Non-Tax Estate Planning Considerations (PT)