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July 01, 2023

Partnerships and LLCs Committee

Committee Leadership


Ari Berk


Michael Hauswirth

Morgan Klinzing

Bryan Rimmke

Monisha Santamaria

About the Committee

The Partnerships and LLCs Committee focuses on all developments and issues arising under Subchapter K of the Internal Revenue Code. Primary emphasis of the Partnerships and LLCs Committee is the preparation and presentation of educational programs on timely topics in the areas of partnerships and LLCs at each meeting of the ABA Tax Section. In addition to our Committee's regular three hour continuing education program at each ABA Tax Section meeting, our Committee participates in several other functions at each meeting: an informal dinner get together of members and friends of our Committee and the Real Estate Committee on Thursday evening; a joint luncheon program with the Real Estate and Individual Income Tax Committees on Friday afternoon; and a joint "shop-talking" breakfast with the Real Estate Committee on Saturday morning.

A second and very important emphasis of the Partnerships and LLCs Committee is evaluating and preparing comments on proposed legislation and regulations affecting Subchapter K of the Internal Revenue Code. The Committee has 14 active subcommittees that monitor changes in their respective areas and assist the Committee in the preparation of comments to the IRS and Treasury on proposed legislation and regulations. In addition, in conjunction with each year's May Meeting, the current and past leadership of the Partnerships and LLCs Committee and the Real Estate Committee schedule courtesy meetings with representatives of the IRS, Treasury, and the professional staffs of the Joint Committee on Taxation, House Ways and Means Committee, and the Senate Finance Committee to discuss topics of current interest.

Attention Young Lawyers! The Partnerships & LLCs Committee is actively seeking young attorneys interested in developing careers in this practice area. If you're interested in networking with peers sharing an interest in partnership taxation, please join members of the Partnerships & LLCs and Real Estate Committees for our joint dinner held on Thursday evening at each ABA Tax Section Meeting. Information on the next meeting can be found on the Upcoming Meetings site.

Stay in Touch with Your Committee: Listserv and Hivebrite

Each Tax Section committee has a mailing list (listerv) and a Hivebrite community. Information about and links to both are below. 


Committees share news, events, and updates through a dedicated committee listserv. As a committee member, you are welcome and encouraged to share resources, events, or ask questions to fellow committee members that are directly relevant. The listserv email address can be found below. You are automatically added to the listserv and will receive email notifications when you join a committee.  Learn more about managing your committees.

Click the link above to view the committee listserv email address. Note: you must be logged in and a Section Member to view the address.


In addition to listserv, each committee has a Hivebrite community. Here, committees can share meeting materials or recordings, committee newsletters, and more. All Tax Connect discussion posts have been moved over to the committee's Hivebrite community

More Resources

Listserv Etiquette

A full FAQ and How to for using listserv is available here. Here are the basic dos and don'ts of using a committee listserv. The committee listserv email address is available above. Note: you have to be logged in and a Section member to view it.

  • Do reply to the listerv with substantive responses (please email “thank you” emails to the individual).
  • Do utilize the member directory to send private messages or individual messages.
  • Do reach out to Tax Staff if you have questions or issues with the community or listerve.
  • Do refer to the FAQ pages for specific problems or concerns.
  • Don’t reply all asking to unsubscribe, please follow the instructions to leave the committee.
  • Don’t share the listserv email outside of the committee.
  • Don’t post commercial messages.

Join the Committee

This committee is open to all Tax Section members. To join click here and then click Join Committees or follow the detailed steps below. A more detailed committee help page is available here. Not a Section Member? Join today!

  1. Click Log In in the upper right corner of this website.
  2. Log in to your My ABA account. If you do not remember your email address or password, click Need Help Logging In? and follow the instructions.
  3. Once you are logged in, click 'Hi Your Name' in the upper right then click My ABA.
  4. On the My ABA Dashboard page, click on Manage Memberships (a button toward the right with a right arrow).
  5. If you are a Section Member,  you will see Section of Taxation under Specialty Group Memberships & Committees, click Join Committees to the right. If you are not a Section member, consider joining the Section to access our committees.
  6. You will now see a list of Tax Section Committees. To join one, simply click Join next to the name of the committee. A check mark will appear to confirm you have joined. To leave a committee, simply click the check mark and you will see Join reappear indicating you are no longer a member of that committee.
  7. Joining a committee will automatically add you to the committee's listserv. Committees encourage member involvement through these committee listservs, other online platforms, and in-person at our meetings and events. 

Have a Question or Need Assistance? Contact Staff

If you have questions contact staff at the email addresses below and we will respond as soon as possible!