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August 09, 2023

Officers & Council

Section Officers 2023-2024

Scott D. Michel
Washington, DC

Alice G. Abreu
Philadelphia, PA

Vice-Chair (Administration)
R. David Wheat
Houston, TX

Vice-Chair (Committee Operations)
Mary A. McNulty
Dallas, TX

Vice-Chair (CLE)
Eileen C. Marshall
Washington, DC

Vice-Chair (Government Relations)
Lisa M. Zarlenga
Washington, DC

Vice-Chair (Membership, Diversity, and Inclusion)
Caroline D. Ciraolo
Washington, DC

Vice-Chair (Pro Bono and Outreach)
Anthony C. Infanti
Pittsburgh, PA

Vice-Chair (Publications)
Roberta F. Mann
Eugene, OR

Lany L. Villalobos
Philadelphia, PA

Assistant Secretary
Morgan Klinzing
Philadelphia, PA

Immediate Past Chair
C. Wells Hall, III
Charlotte, NC

Section Delegates to the House of Delegates
Armando Gomez
Washington, DC

Julie Sassenrath
Dallas, TX

Liaisons to the Section

Board of Governors
Lucian T. Pera
Memphis, TN

Young Lawyers Division
Rene Morency
St. Louis, MO

Law Student Division
Alyssa Savage
Fayetteville, AR

Melissa Wiley
Washington, DC

Section Council 2023-2024

Term Ending 2024

John M. Colvin
Seattle, WA

Rachel D. Kleinberg
Palo Alto, CA

Robb A. Longman
Bethesda, MD

Susan E. Morgenstern
Washington, DC

Vanessa A. Scott
Washington, DC

Term Ending 2025

Leslie M. Book
Villanova, PA

Stephanie Lipinski Galland
Richmond, VA

Mary I. Slonina
Washington, DC

Elizabeth Stevens
Washington, DC

Term Ending 2026

Grace Kim
Washington, DC

Alexandra Minkovich
Washington, DC

Guinevere M. Moore
Chicago, IL

Rafi W. Mottahedeh
San Francisco, CA

Christine S. Speidel
Villanova, PA