August 04, 2020

Officers & Council

Section Officers 2020-2021

Joan C. Arnold
Philadelphia, PA

Julie A. Divola
San Francisco, CA

Vice-Chair (Administration)
Larry A. Campagna
Houston, TX

Vice-Chair (Committee Operations)
Melissa Wiley
Washington, DC

Vice-Chair (CLE)
Thomas D. Greenaway
Boston, MA

Vice-Chair (Government Relations)
Kurt L.P. Lawson
Washington, DC

Vice-Chair (Pro Bono and Outreach)
Sheri Dillon
Washington, DC

Vice-Chair (Publications)
T. Keith Fogg
Jamaica Plain, MA

Robb A. Longman
Bethesda, MD

Assistant Secretary
Christine S. Speidel
Villanova, PA

Immediate Past Chair
Thomas J. Callahan
Cleveland, OH

Liaisons to the Section

Board of Governors
Russell Hilliard

Young Lawyers Division
M. Blair James

Law Student Division
William Chun

Section Council 2020-2021

Term Ending 2021

Diana L. Erbsen
New York, NY

Mary B. Foster
Seattle, WA

George A. Hani
Washington, DC

Anthony C. Infanti
Pittsburgh, PA

Julie C. Sassenrath
Dallas, TX

Term Ending 2022

Jaye A. Calhoun
New Orleans, LA

Katherine E. David
San Antonio, TX

Eileen C. Marshall
Washington, DC

J. Robert Turnipseed
Mobile, AL

Lisa M. Zarlenga
Washington, DC

Term Ending 2023

Jennifer Alexander
Washington, DC

Jennifer E. Breen
Washington, DC

James Creech
San Francisco, CA

Cathy Fung
Washington, DC

Summer LePree
Miami, FL