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July 01, 2023

Nominating Committee

Committee Leadership


Julie A. Divola


C. Wells Hall, III

The Nominating Committee invites you to contact any member of the Nominating Committee to identify individuals who you believe have demonstrated their commitment to the ABA Tax Section and its mission, and who are ready to assume greater leadership roles in Section administration. This is an opportunity to participate in determining the future leadership of the ABA Tax Section.


  • Alice Abreu
  • Melissa Wiley
  • Michael Desmond
  • Lany Villalobos
  • Stephen Breitstone
  • Elizabeth Stevens
  • Mary McNulty
  • Grace Kim
  • Les Book
  • Linda Beale
  • Brandon King
  • Sabrina Conyers
  • Kat Gregor
  • Summer Lepree
  • Heather Fincher
  • James Creech
  • Cathy Fung
  • Sanessa Griffiths
  • Debra Herman
  • Morey Ward
  • Brad Gould
  • Katy David
  • Carol Conjura
  • Tracy Watkins
  • Kurt Lawson
  • Alexandra Minkovich
  • Allie Petrova
  • Kerry Ryan
  • Beverly Katz
  • Sarah Lora