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At the Fall Meeting in Atlanta in October 2018, the Section officially launched the Pro Bono Pledge Program. The Section of Taxation is committed to advancing access to representation for low-income and other vulnerable taxpayers, promoting education and the understanding of tax law and advancing fairness and equity in the tax system.

The Pro Bono Pledge asks members to give their time and/or financial resources to further this goal and measure our impact together as a national organization of tax professionals. Members can commit to completing a certain number of pro bono hours performing tax related services or to making a donation to the Tax Section’s TAPS Endowment fund (which provides funding for the Tax Section’s public service programs for underserved taxpayers including the two-year Christine Brunswick Public Service Fellowship) prior to the May Tax Meeting in Washington, DC. At the May Tax Meeting Thursday night Celebrate Pro Bono Welcome Reception, we will recognize members who reported that they met their time and/or financial commitment and enter these members into a raffle to win a thank you prize. Names will also be listed on our website.

Pledge Form coming soon.

Contact the Section’s Pro Bono Counsel Meg Newman at [email protected] with any questions.