Latest Issue: 2020 (50:3)

In Defense of the Landlord: A New Understanding of the Property Owner by Sharon Yamen, Hilary Silvia & Linda Christiansen | A Survey and Discussion of Tax Increment Financing Statutes & Major Professional Sports Facilities by Robert Sroka | Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Student Housing, Remote Instruction, Campus Policies & COVID-19 by Patricia E. Salkin & Pamela Ko | Essay: The Pandemic & the Failure to Plan: We Can Do Better by Dwight Merriam | Student Note: Artificial Intelligence for Local Governance by Tricia Matibag

New: 2020 (50:2)

Love Terminal: A Tale of Two Theories by William W. Wade, PhD | Home Rule & State Preemption of Local Land Use Control by Kenneth Stahl | Fifth Amendment on Fifth Avenue: New York City Taxicab Medallions, App-Dispatch Services & Just Compensation in Regulatory Takings by Eric Lynch | The California Coastal Commission & Beach Access: The Necessity for Overriding City & County Ordinances Banning the Use of Short-Term Vacation Rentals in the Coastal Zone by Robert H. Freilich, Matthew Saria & Gregory Swain

Spring 2019

The Nasty, Brutish & Short Life of Agins v. City of Tiburon by Gideon Kanner & Michael M. Berger | Legally Enabling a Modern-Day Mayberry: A Legal Analysis of Form-Based Zoning Codes by Andrew Bauman | Cities v. Big Pharma: Municipal Affirmative Litigation & the Opioid Crisis by Nino C. Monea

Spring 2019 (Vol 50, No 1)

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