Latest Issue: Spring 2019

The Nasty, Brutish & Short Life of Agins v. City of Tiburon by Gideon Kanner & Michael M. Berger | Legally Enabling a Modern-Day Mayberry: A Legal Analysis of Form-Based Zoning Codes by Andrew Bauman | Cities v. Big Pharma: Municipal Affirmative Litigation & the Opioid Crisis by Nino C. Monea

Srping 2019 (Vol 50, No 1)

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Fall 2017

Annual Richard F. Babcock Faculty Keynote Address — From the Ground Up: Unshared Assumptions in Law and Planning by Deborah M. Rosenthal | Our Eminent Right to a Jury by Gideon Kanner | Agricultural Law Decision Updates by Wendie L. Kellington | Exactions & Impact Fees by Amy Brigham Boulris & Jennifer E. Fine | Nonconforming Uses and Development Agreements by W. Andrew Gowder, Jr. | Regulatory Takings and Vested Rights by Robert H. Thomas | Drones by Wendie L. Kellington | Fair Housing Discrimination, and Inclusionary Zoning by David L. Callies & Derek B. Simon | It's Not Just Zoning: Environmental Justice and Land Use by Benjamin F. Wilson

Fall 2017 (vol 49, no 4)

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