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March 20, 2019 Section News

2019 Midyear Meeting Highlights

Five Steps to Help Eliminate Socioeconomic Bias

We are all implicitly biased. “It’s not an intentional act. It’s just that we’re wired that way,” Judge Bernice Donald of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit says.

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State Attorneys General Emerge as Force to Challenge Incumbent Federal Administration

In his first two years, the president is finding out what his predecessor learned—attorneys general from the opposing political party can be formidable opponents.

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Legal Talk Network Podcast: Better to Be Rich and Guilty?

Is it better to be rich and guilty or poor and innocent? In this “On the Road” episode, host Rocky Dhir talks to a group of panelists about socioeconomic bias in the justice system. They discuss how stereotypes often drive outcomes that are disproportionate in the courts. They seek to interrupt this bias by making people aware of its existence.

Listen to the discussion at​-better-to-be-rich-and-guilty/.

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