September 15, 2018 Section News

Report of the Nominating Committee 2018 (Positions in FY2019)

Pursuant to Article IV of the Section Bylaws, the Nominating Committee makes the following nominations for each position to be filled by election at the Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

Chair—Ronald J. Kramer, Chicago, Illinois

Chair-Elect—Martha H. Chumbler, Tallahassee, Florida

Vice-Chair—Erica L. Powers, Albany, New York

Secretary—Steve Stapleton, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Immediate Past Chair—Robert H. Thomas, Honolulu, Hawaii

Delegate to the House (2020)—W. Andrew Gowder Jr., Charleston, South Carolina

Delegate to the House (2021) and Delegate to the ABA Nominating Committee (2019)—Patricia E. Salkin, New York, New York

Section Representative to the ABA Board of Governors—Benjamin E. Griffith, Oxford, Mississippi

Budget Officer—Stephen Adnopoz, New York, New York

Content Coordinator—Scott Steady, Tampa, Florida

Editor, The Urban LawyerTBD; Robert H. Thomas (acting)

Editor, State & Local Law NewsBill Scheiderich, Spokane, Washington

Continuing Legal Education Coordinator—Jennifer Bragar, Portland, Oregon

Publication Director—Lawrence Bechler, Madison, Wisconsin

Membership Director—Christopher L. Brown, Mansfield, Ohio

Board of Governors Liaison—Erica R. Grinde, Missoula, Montana

Law Student Division Liaison—Ryan Nicholas, Florida State University College of Law

Young Lawyer Division Liaison—Benjamin Joyce, Charleston, South Carolina

Members of Council

Term Ending in 2022:

Jessica Bacher, White Plains, New York

Daiquiri Steele, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Marilyn Harbur, Salem, Oregon

Term Ending in 2021:

Michael T. Kamprath, Tampa, Florida

Juan Thomas, Chicago, Illinois

Danielle Conway, Portland, Maine

Term Ending in 2020:

Lai Sun Yee, Arlington, Virginia

Nadia Costa, Walnut Creek, California

Victor Marquez, San Francisco, California

Term Ending in 2019:

Peter Buchsbaum, Stockton, New Jersey

Steven J. Eagle, Arlington, Virginia

C. Elisia Frazier, Pooler, Georgia