January 02, 2017

Webinars from the Section of State and Local Government Law

Getting into the Weeds of Marijuana Regulations Date of Presentation: April 26, 2016

This webinar discusses the regulatory frameworks for legalized marijuana in certain states, including Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois.

On-Demand CLE: http://ambar.org/SLGCE1605GWM

Lessons from Ebola: Legal Traps with Quarantining

Date of Presentation: May 12, 2016

This program discusses state and local regulatory approaches to quarantining and legal issues that arise with quarantining.

On-Demand CLE: http://ambar.org/SLGCE1605EZN

Panhandling and Solicitation: Understanding the First Amendment Implications

Date of Presentation: June 14, 2016

This webinar explores the issue of panhandling and solicitation ordinances and discuss why these laws have become so problematic under the First Amendment.

On-Demand CLE: http://ambar.org/SLGCE1606PSU

Verifying Democracy: Developments in Voter ID and Citizenship Verification Practices

Date of Presentation: June 23, 2016

This program discusses recent updates in voter registration case law and new requirements that are being used for voter registration including verification of citizenship.

On-Demand CLE: http://ambar.org/SLGCE1606VID

Navigating the Gender Identity Gap in Schools: Untangling the Legal Web

Date of Presentation: September 7, 2016

Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in programs receiving federal financial assistance, lies at the center of the current legal debate on the rights of transgender students in public schools. Join our panel of national experts for an informative conversation on how the debate is playing out on the ground and across the country in this rapidly evolving legal environment.

On-Demand CLE: http://ambar.org/SLGCE1609BBI

A Post-Housing Crisis Look in the Mirror: Challenges and Opportunities for Residential Development and Affordable Housing

Date of Presentation: September 12, 2016

This program explores changing patterns, demands, and challenges for residential development, with a look to where our communities are now, post-Housing Crisis, in terms of current obstacles and regulatory constraints as well as opportunities.

On-Demand CLE: http://ambar.org/SLGCE1609DAH

Religious Land Use and Zoning: Preparing, Defending and Litigating a Case

Date of Presentation: November 29, 2016

Land use and zoning is a complex area of the law. When adding religious land use to the table, attorneys and judges have a hard time understanding the issues and creating viable solutions prior to trial. In this webinar, attorneys will learn what religious land use is, how to spot statutory and constitutional claims, and how to address the issues and defend the issues when presented.

On-Demand CLE: http://ambar.org/SLGCE1611LUZ

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