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October 01, 2016

Editor’s Message

With the 2016–2017 bar year, we welcome Ellen Rosenblum as Section Chair and her message of inclusion for all Section members. Participation in Section conferences and committees is both professionally rewarding and fun! Our Chair is running for re-election as Oregon Attorney General. We look forward to toasting her success at the Fall Conference in Phoenix starting November 17.

This conference is the first joint ABA-Tribal Affairs conference. Special thanks to Robert Saunooke, our Tribal Law Committee Chair, Diandra Benally, President-Elect of the National Native American Bar Association (NNABA), and Linda Benally, immediate Past President of NNABA, for their leadership in organizing this conference. We include an article on conference highlights as well as the agenda.

There are two important substantive articles. Thomas Mitchell, Reporter for the Uniform Heirs Property Act highlights the adoption of the Act in South Carolina and sets out a compelling history of the need for this legal remedy, already adopted in eight states since it was first made available for consideration by the states in 2011. Sophia Stadnyk, our U.S. Supreme Court reporter, returns with an analysis of the famous eight-Justice 2015–2016 term.

Finally, we welcome Jamila Jefferson-Jones, Associate Editor of our Section law review, The Urban Lawyer, and Beth E. Kinne, the new Associate Editor of this publication, and publish their bios.