January 30, 2016


As I write this foreword, my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, is experiencing its own version of Ferguson, Missouri. This timely book addresses the deeply rooted perception of inequality and injustices experienced in Ferguson, Missouri, with a keen focus on the legal and social reverberations following the death of Michael Brown. But, it is also about Freddie Gray and Baltimore; Eric Garner and Staten Island; Walter Scott and North Charleston; Tamir Rice and Cleveland; Sandra Bland and Waller County, Texas; Miriam Carey and Washington D .C.; Laquan McDonald, Quintonion LeGrier and Bettie Jones and Chicago; and it is about so many other people and communities for whom we are not even aware. It is about recognizing that this perception is not a new phenomenon. At the core of this book is the serious need to address, in very broad terms, the state of our justice system, not only in Ferguson, but in America as a whole. It is about confidence in the judicial system and maintaining the rule of law.

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