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April 30, 2016

Editor’s Message

In recent issues we have reprinted sections of new ABA books of great significance: Ferguson’s Fault Lines in the Winter Issue and America Votes! 3rd Edition here. We have excerpted chapters and omitted footnotes to make more text available.

The Section promotes “convergence” of subject matter across media—in other words, webinars, CLE programs, and books on the same or related topics. Once again, our Section is ahead of the curve. Often a CLE presentation will become the kernel of a series of webinars; then a symposium published in The Urban Lawyer, our Section’s distinguished law journal; then a book; then CLEs and webinars with a book discount; and perhaps another edition of the book.

As Editor of State & Local Law News I participate in the Content Advisory Board and the monthly Committee calls where we discuss program and ways to broaden outreach to our members. As a member of the Section’s Publications Oversight Board (POB) I am aware of the path to book publication, the broad range of topics the POB encourages, and the liaison with ABA Publishing that the POB provides for authors.

We continue to offer State & Local Law News as a forum to try out ideas that may be developed in other ABA media. This is a two-way street: I will reach out to you and ask for articles, but I hope that you will contact me directly, by phone or email, or at a meeting, to mention a topic or a potential author or to offer to write.