April 30, 2016

America Votes! A Guide to Modern Election Law and Voting Rights, Third Edition

An election year provides a fascinating context for this book. In my role as President of the American Bar Association, I take pride in helping to bring this valuable and timely resource to the lawyers, judges, professors, students, and citizens who will benefit from its timely guidance. This third edition of America Votes! Challenges to Modern Election Law and Voting Rights focuses on the hot topics of voter suppression, electoral access, redistricting, remedies and recounts, and much more. The 17 chapters cover a wide swath of current election-related issues facing our nation and have been written by a wide array of experts, scholars, and practitioners in their respective fields of expertise. Each chapter deftly navigates through the battlefield of politics, race, and democracy, while maintaining a focus on the core concept of equal justice under the law. I recommend America Votes! to those committed to our nation’s ongoing experiment in democracy.

—Paulette Brown, President (2015-2016), American Bar Association