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January 30, 2015

Editor’s Message

Jim Hanks’ “Chair’s Message” says it all—why we are proud and happy to be state and local government lawyers, including benefits that flow from membership in our Section and the role of many people in presenting informative, innovative Section programs. Here are some of the fruits of those efforts:

A Magna Carta for True Local Government: 800 Years of Lessons from the U.K. and the U.S., sponsored by this Section, will be presented during the ABA’s Commemoration of the Signing of the Magna Carta in London in June 2015. Congratulations to all who brought this to fruition!

In counterpoint to our Denver CLE on legalized marijuana, and in anticipation of the publication of Reefer Madness, Michael Kamprath outlines the statutory role of the Transportation Security Administration and the airports’ jurisdictional dilemmas on passengers carrying medical or recreational marijuana intrastate and interstate.

Terry Welch applies real property valuation metrics to setbacks for fracking in Texas residential areas, seeking to protect municipalities from “takings” claims.

Sophia Stadnyk offers previews of coming attractions for the new U.S. Supreme Court term.

Our new “Committee Reports” feature includes updates from

  • the Native American Tribal Law Committee, including its mission and recent ABA recognition of lawyers admitted to tribal courts;
  • the International Committee, including a report on the Buenos Aires conference and its mission statement; and
  • the newly formed Consumer Protection subcommittee of the Attorney General and Department of Justice Issues Committee, which is looking for members, particularly from Attorney General’ offices.

And, of course, “Member News” . . . .

What can you do for us? If you are honored or appointed, attend a report-worthy program or a CLE of interest to Section members, move your office, engage in a photo op, or go on a law-related holiday, please send us reports and photos. If you are a Section committee chair, get ready to write a report. And please, everyone, send news to the Section’s new Government eNews editors, Chris Brown at [email protected] and Craig Bucki at [email protected].

Happy Holidays to all!

Erica Levine Powers