August 31, 2015

Editor’s Message

For our readers who rely on the State & Local Law News to plan their CLE and attend our meetings, here are agendas galore: the SLG meeting at ABA Annual in Chicago (July 30–Aug. 2, 2015) and the SLG Fall Meeting in Louisville (Oct. 8–11, 2015), featuring CLE programs on affordable housing, land use, public finance and emergency management. And mark your calendars for our acclaimed SLG diversity program at the ABA Midyear Meeting in San Diego (Feb. 4–7, 2016), and save the date for the SLG Spring Meeting in Puerto Rico (April 7–11, 2016)!

The Section is honored to host the 31st Annual Land Use Institute on Thursday, July 30, in Chicago, immediately preceding our Section programming, with concurrent breakout hot topics sessions on urban agriculture, drones, sharing of transportation, sharing of residential property, ethical considerations for land use and government lawyers, and fracking as part of the Section’s Thursday afternoon programming.

We are delighted to announce the Jefferson B. Fordham Awards, to be presented on July 31 at the Annual Fordham Luncheon in Chicago: Life Achievement, Grant F. Langley; Advocacy, Zaldwaynaka L. Scott; and Up-and-Comer, Michael Kamprath.

Donna Frazier, parish attorney, Caddo Parrish, Louisiana will be honored as our new Section Chair at the Chair-Elect’s reception on Friday, July 31, and formally installed at the end of the Council Meeting on Sunday, August 2. One of the nicest parts of the Council installation/handing over ceremony is the participation of past Section Chairs.

Our profile for this month honors Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney General of Oregon, who is a founding co-chair of the Section’s Attorneys General/Department of Justice Issues Committee and the rising Chair-Elect of the Section. Thanks to Jennifer Bragar for a great interview and profile.

The substantive portion of this issue is devoted to Part I of Sophie Stadnyk’s outstanding review of U.S. Supreme Court decisions for 2015. Since we go to press before the end of the Term, she will prepare Part II for the Fall 2015 issue.

In addition, Sam Schwartz-Fenwick’s Diversity article on Same-Sex Marriage and Employment Discrimination addresses the implications of Obergefell v. Hodges, argued before the Supreme Court on April 28, 2015, in the light of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, 573 U.S.__ (2014). This important topic will be the subject of the Section’s Hot Topics in Diversity Program on February 4, 2016, at the ABA Midyear Meeting in San Diego.

Erica Levine Powers