October 31, 2014

Editor’s Message

Service is a major component of our lives: to our communities, the Section, the ABA, and related national and international organizations. Much of this issue of SLLN is devoted to service, and particularly the recipients of the Section’s Jefferson B. Fordham Awards, who were honored at a luncheon at the ABA meetings in Boston.

Once again, we thank Sophia Stadnyk, our U.S. Supreme Court columnist, for a variety of free speech cases, in “Speech Supreme.”

Member news includes a tribute to Charles Grubb, recently retired Parish Attorney, Caddo Parish Louisiana and a devoted member of our Section, by Donna Y. Frazier, his successor and our Chair-Elect.

On the cover, we welcome the new Section Law Students Committee, co-chaired by Michael Dumas (Law Students) and Miriam VanHeukelem (Young Lawyers). Potentially their committee will have the largest number of members in our Section (6,600) and we look forward to their presence and participation.

Heartfelt thanks to Andy Gowder, outgoing Section Chair, for a great year, and Jim Hanks, our new Section Chair, for invigorating goals and exciting programming in Denver and throughout Section activities. See the “Chair’s Message” for details. And we thank all of the Leadership, including those who are new and those whose terms have expired. And once again, because it is not possible to say this enough, we thank our Director, Tamara Edmonds Askew.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver. Following Jim’s lead, in the spirit of not-taking-oneself-too-seriously, I am preparing for National Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19. Pieces of Eight!