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Fall 2014

  October 2014


Eminent Domain

Distressed Properties and a City’s Response

Vacant, abandoned, and distressed properties are a persistent problem in New York State’s most financially distressed regions. Despite a struggling economy, the strained fiscal condition of the city, and continuing bad news from the streets, several key opportunities to remediate distressed properties in the City of Newburgh, New York, exist that will set the stage for future revitalization of the city’s physical and social fabric.


Supreme Court Watch: Speech Supreme

Although the contraceptive mandate decisions (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and the others) dominated the headlines and generated the most forceful debates, the Court was also called on to balance government interests against competing claims of personal freedom and speech: the freedom not to be subjected to a government’s “favored” religion, the freedom to use traditional public spaces for expressive speech, the freedom to give truthful testimony without fear of retaliatory employment actions, and the freedom from searches of one’s “privacies of life” stored on a cellular phone.