State & Local Government Law

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Affordable Housing


  • Implicit Bias: Governmental Complicity
    Long-standing and new governmental policies, laws and regulations and their impact upon communities of color and economically disadvantaged communities in housing, transportation, education and the criminal justice system are addressed by our panel of experts.
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  • Disparities in K-12 Discipline
    Explore how the administration of disciplinary processes in education administer without discriminating on the basis of race, color, or national origin could serve as another example of implicit bias that works to contribute to the school to prison pipeline.
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Emergency Management



Land Use

Law Enforcement

Native American

  • Doing Business with Tribes
    Tribes are increasingly diversifying their business interests. Insights and advice for local governments within which tribes engage in development and other business are discussed.
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Refugee & Immigrant Communities

Sexual Harassment

  • Anatomy of a #MeToo Investigation
    What happens when claims are made against public sector employees or officials? Best practices for handling sexual harassment and discrimination investigations, public sector peculiarities, investigation pitfalls to avoid, and practical steps to minimize a #MeToo lawsuit are discussed.
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