November 12, 2018


Jefferson B. Fordham — First Section Chair

The Section of State and Local Government law elected Jefferson B. Fordham as the first Chair in 1949. During his years of outstanding service, the Section became the distinguished national resource for the advancement of State and Local Government Law practice.

Urban Solutions

His 1949 case book on Local Government Law revolutionized teaching and addressed dynamic legal issues such as planning and finance, housing and blight, transportation and congestion; in short, the entire range of urban problems whose solutions required a larger concept of community. He pioneered the concepts of home rule and the landmark decisions sustaining interdisciplinary studies under Bar sponsorship, and he was a visionary in teaching that the tough problems of local government did not lend themselves to simplistic solutions.

Jefferson B. Fordham Awards

In 1998, the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law was inspired to establish the Jefferson B. Fordham Awards to honor the accomplishments of practitioners and institutions active in the varied areas of practice associated with State and Local Government Law.

The Award may be presented in the following categories on an annual basis:

  • Lifetime Achievement
    Presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the practice of state and local government law by an individual over an entire career, for contributions over a number of years of service.
  • Advocacy
    Presented in recognition of outstanding legal advocacy within the area of state and local government law, this award celebrates excellence in advocacy, both written and otherwise.
  • Up & Comers
    Presented to a young practitioner (36 or under) as defined by the ABA who, through their efforts and accomplishments, show great promise to continue these contributions for future achievements.
  • Law Office Accomplishment
    Presented in recognition of sustained outstanding performance or a specific extraordinary accomplishment by a State and Local Government Law Office. Eligible candidates include all State and Local Government Public Sector Law Offices, including departments or units within such offices.

Guidelines for Submission

Nominations for recipients in each of the four categories must be submitted in the following format with all the information requested:

  1. Nominee: Please submit as the coversheet for the nomination package the full name, addresses and telephone numbers of the nominee.
  2. Employer: The nomination package must include the name of law office’s director or manager for the Government Law Office Award, including size of office and mission of office.
  3. Accomplishment: Provide a detailed summary of the nominee’s or office’s achievements, brief explanation of outstanding or extraordinary public and/or professional services rendered (50 to 100 words).
  4. Service: Please include an explanation of the nominee’s performance and service; information regarding the time frame for the services described; accomplishments or superior contributions over a number of years; outstanding advocacy or legal writing; qualifications as a young lawyer for the Up & Comer’s Award whose past efforts and accomplishments show great promise to continue contributions for future achievement; assessment of the impact of the service for which you are nominating the individual or office (no more than two typed pages).
  5. References: The nomination package must also include names, titles and phone numbers of three other persons (including at least one lawyer or jurist), who are familiar with the nominee’s performance, achievements, etc.
  6. Nominator: To assist the Award Committee’s evaluation, please also include a brief statement about the nominator’s background.


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Award Winners

Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. Lifetime Achievement

  • 2017Dwight H. Merriam, Hartford, CT
  • 2016Ross Sandler, New York, NY
  • 2015Grant F. Langley, Milwaukee, WI
  • 2014Edward J. Sullivan, Portland, OR
  • 2014Larry C. Ethridge, Louisville, KY
  • 2012Stephen H. Pugh, Chicago, IL
  • 2011David E. Cardwell, Orlando, FL
  • 2010John W. Witt, San Diego, CA
  • 2009James Baird, Chicago, IL
  • 2008Milton H. Pachter, New York, NY
  • 2007Daniel R. Mandelker, St. Louis, MO

Daniel J. Curtin Lifetime Achievement

  • 2006David L. Callies, Honolulu, HI
  • 2005R. Theodore Clark, Jr, Chicago, IL
  • 2004Carol E. Dinkins, Houston, TX
  • 2003Daniel J. Curtin, Jr, Walnut Creek, CA
  • 2002Sharon Stanton White, Washington, DC
  • 2001Professor Sheldon H. Nahmod, Chicago, IL
  • 2000Patrick J. Falvey, Bronxville, NY
  • 1999S. Jerome Pratter, St. Louis, MO
  • 1998Jefferson Fordham


  • 2017Anita P. Miller, Albquerque, NM
  • 2016Michael Jenkins
  • 2015Z. Scott, Chicago, IL
  • 2014Thomas M. Menino, Boston, MA
  • 2013Craig R. Bucki, New York, NY
  • 2012Stephen J. Acquario, New York, NY
  • 2011Charles W. Thompson, Jr, Rockledge, FL
  • 2008David Sumner, Harrisburg, PA
  • 2007John Echeverria, Washington, DC
  • 2002Ann Miller Ravel and Office of the County Counsel, County of Santa Clara, San Jose, CA
  • 2001Mayor Dennis W. Archer, Detroit, MI
  • 2000Rodney L. Cobb, Atlanta, GA
  • 1999Charles S. Rhyne, McLean, VA
  • 1998Robert H. Freilich, Los Angeles, CA

Up & Comers

  • 2017Ashley N. Scott, Atlanta, GA
  • 2016Christopher Brown, Mansfield, OH
  • 2015Michael T. Kamprath, Tampa, FL
  • 2014Jessica Bacher, White Plains, NY
  • 2013Sorell E. Negro, Hartford, CT
  • 2012Sarah Weber Langlois, Houston, TX
  • 2009Amy Lavine, Albany, NY
  • 2007Carie A. Torrence, North Las Vegas, NV
  • 2006Bryan W. Wenter, Walnut Creek, CA
  • 2005Scott N. Houston, Austin, TX
  • 2004Keith W. Hirokawa, Fort Worth, TX
  • 2001Rosalba I. Arango, Reno, NV
  • 1999Ashley L. Taylor, Jr., Richmond, VA
  • 1998Patricia Salkin, Albany, NY

Law Office Accomplishment

  • 2017Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy Alternative Sentencing Worker Program
  • 2011Law Office of North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
  • 2010The City of Santa Monica City Attorney's Office
  • 2007Office of the City Attorney, San Francisco, CA
  • 2005International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA)
  • 2004City Attorney's Office of Reno, NV
  • 2003City of Chicago Department of Law
  • 2002U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Office of Municipal Securities
  • 2001Orange County Legal Department
  • 1998The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
    University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law