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Type: Approval of ABA Accredited Private Programs

Other Approved Programs:
 Family Law; Tax Law; Workers' Compensation; Personal Injury

Regulatory Scheme: The Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 7.4(d) states,  "a lawyer may communicate that he or she is a specialist or expert in a particular field of law if the lawyer complies with the provisions of this paragraph. (1) Certification. The lawyer must be certified as a specialist or expert by an organization that has been approved under Rule 7.4A." Rule 7.4A. states that "[t]he board of governors of the state bar may, for the purposes of Rule 7.4, approve organizations that certify lawyers as specialists in accordance with this Rule." Under the Governing Rules for Attorney Specialization, all private programs accredited by the ABA to certify specialists, are approved by the Bar's Board of Governors. Lawyers must register with the Bar and pay an annual fee.

Kimberly Farmer, Executive Director
State Bar of Nevada
3100 West Charleston Blvd., Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 382-2200

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