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Type: Recognizes ABA Accredited Private Certification Programs

Regulatory scheme:  Mississippi Rule of Professional Conduct 7.4(a) says that every "lawyer or law firm that advertises his, her or its availability to provide legal services shall have available in written form for delivery to any potential client: (1) A factual statement detailing the background, training and experience of each lawyer or law firm.(2) If the lawyer or law firm claims special expertise in the representation of clients in special matters or publicly limits the lawyer's or law firm's practice to special types of cases or clients, the written information shall set forth the factual details of the lawyer's experience, expertise, background, and training in such matters."

Mississippi Rule of Professional Conduct Rule 7.6 Communication of Certification of Designation states (a) A lawyer may communicate the fact that he or she has been certified or designated in a field of law by a named organization or authority, but only if that certification or designation is granted by an organization or authority whose specialty certification or designation program is accredited by the American Bar Association. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Rule, a lawyer may communicate the fact that he is certified or designated in a particular field of law by a named, non-American Bar Association organization or authority, but must disclose such fact and further disclose that there is no procedure in Mississippi for approving certifying or designating organizations and authorities.

The Mississippi Bar
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