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Type: Direct Certification, Approval of Private Certification Programs

State Programs: Civil Trial Practice, Criminal Law, Real Property, Labor and Employment 

Private Programs: Business Bankruptcy, Civil Law Trial Advocacy, Consumer Bankruptcy, Creditors' Rights, Criminal Law Trial Advocacy, Elder Law, Family Law Trial Advocacy; Privacy Law

Regulatory Scheme: Rule 7.4 Communication of Fields of Practice and Certification Rule 7.4(d) states that in "any communication subject to Rule 7.2, 7.3, or 7.5, a lawyer shall not state or imply that a lawyer is a specialist or certified as a specialist in a particular field of law except as follows:  (1) the communication shall clearly identify the name of the certifying organization, if any, in the communication; and (2) if the attorney is not certified as a specialist or if the certifying organization is not accredited by the Minnesota Board of Legal Certification, the communication shall clearly state that the attorney is not certified by any organization accredited by that Board, and in any advertising subject to Rule 7.2, this statement shall appear in the same sentence that communicates the certification.

Colleen Clish, Certification Director
Minnesota State Bar Association - Certified Legal Specialists
600 Nicollet Mall #380
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota Board of Legal Certification
180 E. 5th St., Suite 950
St. Paul, MN 55101

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