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Type: None

State Programs: None

Private Programs (accredited by the ABA): 
Business Bankruptcy, Civil Practice Advocacy, Civil Trial Advocacy, Consumer Bankruptcy, Complex Litigation, Creditors' Rights, Criminal Law Trial Advocacy, DUI Defense, Elder Law, Estate Planning Law, Family Law Trial Advocacy, Juvenile Law - Child Welfare, Legal Professional Liability, Medical Professional Liability, Patent Litigation, Privacy Law, Social Security Disability, Truck Accident Law

Regulatory Scheme:
Delaware has adopted Section 7 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, including Rule 7.4 ("Communications of Fields of Practice"). Under this rule, Delaware lawyers are permitted to communicate information regarding specialty certification - without a disclaimer - where the certification is awarded by an organization whose program is accredited by the ABA. Such communications must include the name of the certifying entity.

Chief Disciplinary Counsel
Delaware Supreme Court
PO Box 472
Wilmington, DE 19899
(302) 577-7042


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